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Email-Marketing As you may know, I have on this topic before in one of my other articles, but I think it is important that I get it again. Headlines such as "Money" are what make the around the world go. We are so busy and limited with our time, that today we usually choose, and choose what we read in the rule because of an interesting article titles. Take one of the newspapers or women’s magazines as an example. If you walk past your local newspapers, you will find numerous magazines and newspapers read, cry me, read me. The funny thing is, most of them have exactly the same story celebrity or important messages to them but a great headline article on a paper or magazine may be different from the rest and Grab your attention. Now take that idea back to your articles in an article directory. Like the magazines, there are numerous articles on various topics read all scream me, Read me! Probably all of the same content, more or less, but the headlines on some articles are the winners, which differs from the losers. What can you do to the chances in your favor and should be your headline article would be a blow off-line? To the second part of the question first, the answer is NO for two reasons. 1. If you read your article to more search engine friendly you really should be putting the most important keywords of your articles in the first 3-4 words. Take my article titles such as "Article Marketing – Is your article Headline Killing Your Article?" the main keywords I’m after is the "Article Marketing", so this is the first words of my title begins with, as I have of my keywords again later in the header to my keywords. 2. Not only did they help with the search engines all do a quick scroll through the various items in an article directory would be the first 2 words and know that my article on article marketing. You do not have the full title and they do not have to work, a cryptic title, which is vague and miss lead. It’s the same idea, because most sales letter online. You can start with a question like "Are you overweight?" if I am overweight and looking for a solution that I probably do not read if I just step to the next thing. The thing you need to remember that not everyone will read your article, but if you have it on your audience to read the right people to read. Now back to the first part of my question. How can the opportunities in your favor? How? Perform a search by keyword, what the people in your target market are looking for in the search engines. Are they looking for "How To" or "tips"? Find out what they are looking for and then they give them. For example, if I did another article on the "Article Marketing" I could write an article headline as "Article Marketing – How to write a big article in the round." Remember, "how" and "tips" are what people want, that most readers are looking for help, how to do something or are looking for tips or advice to do something faster or cheaper. Then, if you have a rough guide line of the title of an article, go to and their free tool to analyze your headline. This simple tool give you an assessment of how well your title is (the higher the number, the greater the headline.) You will be amazed at the results, you can only if your words about the market or in a new word here or there. Finally, All this may be a pain to do, but when you consider that this article is available online in the .ing years, sending traffic to your site, you can see, it pays well. Plus, if you know about this product, there is no way you can return items. If it has a lousy title, it is always a lousy headline. So your lesson for the day … Be nice to your articles and send them into cyberspace with a headline they can be proud of! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: