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At this point in the evening to allow children to sleep, the child will be more clever oh! – [picture] select Sohu maternal attention, let the children love to read! Method: open WeChat to add a friend to search the number of ~ jxhuiben – sleep can be said to maintain the health of the baby is the most important part. If adequate and normal sleep, the body’s self-healing system can repair most of the problems of the human body. When you sleep, it’s time for your body to grow and repair. The children wake up early in the morning, the body can grow tall and beautiful, more flexible and intelligent thinking. In addition to cause the growth of their children, but also may cause children’s hyperactivity. A friend who lives in Canada. He has an active child. There is a close relationship between doctors, schools and families in canada. The doctor asked his parents to pay attention to their children’s sleep and go to bed before 9 every day. Doctors also notify the teacher, if the child in the school especially active, may be the night before did not go to bed before 9. The hyperactive children, no one will be in trouble at school, this is the responsibility of parents to children. As long as the child is in school, the teacher will find parents to discuss. Early children smarter kids go to the ideal time should be in the evening from 9:00 to 9:30, daily sleep time should reach 8-9 hours. The children going to bed early and high brain running fun, good memory, reading multiplied. On the other hand, the late children lack of blood, brain blood and oxygen supply is not enough, inattention, memory is not good, effective reading efficiency. Different sleep time, have different effects on the body. The best efficiency of sleep on the body in the middle of the blood, the midnight sleep body will do important organ repair, daytime sleep is only the kidney qi and restore physical function. The main purpose to improve the efficiency in the body of the blood. This is due to the sleep time of children in different age, the smaller the children need more time: children love reading, parents welcomed the attention on the success of the half parenting public number: jxhuiben (WeChat mobile phone users can press copy) attention: open the WeChat search — jxhuiben — attention every day to share the most classic parenting, parenting, education and parent-child reading, and mothers share parenting tips, share happy baby etc.!相关的主题文章: