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Aya refused to cooperate again with Huang Xiaolei said: more suitable as a friend – Huang Xiaolei Huang Xiaolei Aya with the Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news Beijing TV comedy "cross king" is hit, Huang Xiaolei as the only female comedy show with Le Jia in the early agent, "quarrel" news simmering, with the cooperation process of Kenji Wu is revealed, almost Kenji Wu forced to leave. This time, with Aya fit, from a period of "sakuran" against two women’s drama, to two times this cooperation, Aya said in an interview: "hope not to work with Huang Xiaolei". "Cross-border comedy king" ushered in the "very fit" situation from last week, Huang Xiaolei as the only female comedy show agent, its first female partner himself, has always been strict with her male guests Aya’s cooperation is convergence or as in the past? In the episode "sakuran" in two people for love to kill, but privately, interview is also wonderful. It is reported that Aya said in an interview, refused to cooperate with Huang Xiaolei again. Aya said: "Xiao Lei is a very good idea and sense of responsibility of the broker, working together will be a little bit of a strong dress rehearsal, but in order to show the results she is very insistent. Although the work is very strong, but secretly very careful also very warm, rather than working together with her, I hope I can make friends, bestie". Huang Xiaolei responded: "in fact, when it comes to work, will not consciously strong, but private and more inclusive of friends, although with Aya to dispute, but she knows my pain, help me by my side waist, two side conflict. I think she is very delicate". Huang Xiaolei Aya behind the scenes of love to kill, in this period, two people will continue to "two women in a drama".相关的主题文章: