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Give the baby to take medicine, 99% of the parents are wrong – Sohu in Chinese maternal self medication, a very high proportion of. In other words, most people have bought their own medicine or to treat their own disease. When in winter, as long as the people around have a cold, my family I hastened to drink Banlangen, to prevent colds. I know, isatis root is not a panacea, drunk on the body is hurt. Three drug, traditional Chinese medicine is medicine, do not think that flowers can eat. I believe many people have had similar experiences, little love when we eager parents pit, don’t mislead children grow up in the same way! Due to improper use, China has about 30000 children each year, into a silent world. Liver and kidney function, nervous system damage, it is difficult to count. There are more than 3500 kinds of pharmaceutical preparations in our country, there are only more than 60 kinds of children. Basic necessities of life, we give children exclusive care, but need exclusive drugs, we ignored too much. Although the existing conditions are limited, we still need to protect the child’s safety as much as possible. On the child to take this thing, the need for serious science. A misunderstanding: the medicine when crushed to eat Tylenol (acetaminophen suspension) when the hospital opened the tablet most of the adult dosage, reduce it in children. When meeting the need to reduce, most parents practice — take the medicine broken or crushed. However, is it true? Let us look at the consequences of eating when crushed. The dose is not accurate: when? How much is it? 1/4 how to achieve accurate 1/2? Take medicine is not a meal, a little more does not matter. An extreme example: a little less arsenic treatment, more! Effect: for example, Aspirin Enteric-coated Tablets on the surface of the film wrapped a layer of special protection, it is not destroyed in the acid environment, so as to reach the intestines and start the dissolving effect. If the destruction of the pill structure, pill was dissolved in the stomach will not only affect the efficacy, and also stimulate the gastric mucosa. Caused by poisoning or serious adverse reactions: sustained release drugs, controlled release drugs, there is an inherent "skeleton", in order to slowly release components, which play a long-term role. To break or crush, "drug skeleton" destruction, may one day by the release amount of components in an instant release, or serious adverse reactions caused by poisoning! Misunderstanding two: three times a day = early in dinner three times a day is according to the metabolic rate of drugs in the human body the experimental strictly, only taking time to ensure the stable blood concentration in vivo, the treatment effect is good. Some people like to take the time to concentrate on the day, three times a day with early dinner. This will result in high blood drug concentrations during the day, to the body, the risk of low blood concentrations in the evening, the treatment effect can not be achieved. Three times a day is to take a dose of 8 hours, the same reason, the first day of the two refers to the use of a dose of 12 hours, once a day refers to the use of a 24 hour. Myth three: lying medication is not just to take pictures pose oh! Medication is also about the attitude of reading相关的主题文章: