Baidu takeaway CEO internal denies being sold is not a U.S. down 496 million point.

Baidu takeaway CEO internal denies being sold is not a U.S. down 496 million point name Sina Technology News September 30th evening news, Baidu takeaway today again within form the Ministry denied the rumors will be sold. According to Sina technology that Baidu takeaway inside the letter, Baidu takeaway CEO on the Zhenbing Gong anecdotal was sold in detail by the negative, although not explicitly specified, but the list of contents from the Zhenbing Gong, which is the U.S. group comments. The general manager Gong Zhenbing said Baidu takeaway, the friends of recent rumors, rumors and routine use unscrupulous divisive tactics means clear, skilled. And the specific list of steps: 1) released offensive messages by anonymous social network; 2) to the company identity intervention spread and included in the examination; 3) forced employees removed in other restaurant takeaway platform on the menu; 4) with rumors of poaching. Gong Zhenbing also said that the friends of such behavior is mainly due to the pressure. The first is financing not arrival, and down 496 million yuan. Followed by executives cash and start the so-called PIP disguised layoffs in order to obtain capital support. From the PIP plan to call Zhenbing, Gong yoursun beauty group comments. Although the takeaway market hungry now, the United States Mission review, Baidu takeaway and word of mouth is equivalent to athletics, but the United States and the most intense competition between Baidu takeaway takeaway. The Baidu takeaway last person in charge said it will not adjust the friends, and in the last quarter once again clear goals: 1) adhere to independent operators; 2) started the annual employee incentive plan, a total of 10 million yuan; 3) in the fourth quarter, officially launched the "spark plan", set up 500 million special fund to support agents in the next year will be to promote the country. Currently, with the end of the bonus period of the Internet, increasing traffic costs, increasing competition in the O2O industry. The U.S. group and Baidu group purchase and distribution around the takeaway contention is intense, coupled with Baidu this year the overall transformation of artificial intelligence, widely believed O2O business will be adjusted, even in the form of convertible merger is sold to the U.S. group comments. U.S. group comment, CEO Wang Xing made it clear that, in addition to the takeaway business is still a loss, other business has been profitable. And the United States in June this year, the group also completed a round of strategic investment led by Huarun investment, but the specific amount and arrival or not announced. Baidu takeaway is not good to go. In April this year had a total of 3-5 billion dollars in financing plan out, but after this round of financing is no real progress, there are rumors that have been completed and the valuation of $2 billion 400 million, but the specific amount of investment and have no clear message. Even more critical is that Baidu takeaway recently also experienced a round of high-level adjustment. According to Sina technology intercepted internal letter said, Baidu takeaway for a larger organizational structure adjustment, the reason is responsible for a number of business vice president Chen Qing suspected sick leave. In addition, there is anecdotal rumors, Baidu takeaway chairman Liu Jun has resigned, but the news has not been confirmed. Sina science and technology on this special interview Baidu takeaway aspect, the other declined to comment. In summary, if you still can’t takeaway business profit, and not enough capital to support Japan相关的主题文章: