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After BB autumn diarrhea must see nursing knowledge [Abstract] into the fall, make a lot of mother worry is the baby began to "more than jiuxie, some children even have a" pull "one or two months is not good, how can this do? Infantile autumn diarrhea is very typical seasonal diseases, caused by rotavirus and through the respiratory and digestive tract dissemination. Occurred in 6 months to 3 years old infants and young children, generally in mid October to November is the peak incidence. Symptoms are more frequent stool, water, and some children will also have runny nose and low fever symptoms. Diarrhea too many times, the patient may appear dehydration, very few children will also invade other organs due to the virus, causing encephalitis, myocarditis, etc.. Rotavirus infection caused by the fall of diarrhea, is a self limiting disease, the baby’s condition will naturally improve, without too much intervention, but caused by diarrhea dehydration, serious will endanger the baby’s life. So, when the baby diarrhea began, the mother should pay attention to is how to give the baby to add enough water containing electrolytes, pay attention to prevent dehydration. Suffering from diarrhea in children 1, as far as possible breast feeding infants to promote breastfeeding, avoid weaning in hot summer, in order to reduce the incidence of diarrhea. If children have the appetite, it should continue feeding, breastfeeding children still breastfeeding. Artificial feeding of children, should eat lactose milk powder, or 12 diluted milk. Added complementary kids to eat gruel or patches, increased stool after eating it anyway, because of diarrhea children’s intake of sugar can be absorbed 80%, 60% protein and fat, so keep feeding is beneficial to children diarrhea. 2, pay attention to keep warm because of diarrhea in children with bowel movements have been accelerated, if the longer the cool, the situation will be more severe diarrhea, so pay special attention to children with abdomen warm. Parents can use a hot water bottle to the child compress the abdomen, can also give the child rubbed his stomach to relieve the abdominal pain in children. 3, adjust the diet to reduce food intake in the acute phase of diarrhea, but not fasting, eating infant milk can add some soup in powdered milk. To eat some rice, soup and the like Rice porridge, acute period do not eat fish, meat, until the condition improves you can gradually return to normal diet, do not act with undue haste, lest the illness appear repeatedly. After [Abstract] in the fall, make a lot of mother worry is the baby began to "more than jiuxie, some children even have a" pull "one or two months is not good, how can this do? 4, oral rehydration salts of oral rehydration salts are generally required to flush a bag about 500 diluted to 750 mL, according to the baby the degree of moisture to replenish lost. Dilute the electrolyte water if the baby does not drink after 24 hours to be discarded, re match. There is no oral rehydration salts, the mother can own salt water or dilute juice to drink to the baby, but pay attention to the concentration ratio. To feed the child oral rehydration salt should be patient, a small number of times to feed, every 2-3 minutes to feed once, each with a spoon fed 10-20 ml. This is about 4-6 hours Many a little make a mickle., can correct dehydration. If the child is intolerant of oral rehydration, or diarrhea aggravation, should bring the child to the hospital to see a pediatrician, rehydration with intravenous infusion method. 5, prevent dehydration abdomen.相关的主题文章: