Bear children do the experiment from the 5 floor to throw bag cracked Porsche windshield – Sohu

Bear children do the experiment from the 5 floor to throw bag cracked Porsche windshield – Sohu news the night before 6 pm, Shaoxing Public Security Bureau police officer Hong high-tech branch received a public warning: the front windshield was smashed to her, please help the police coordination. This is a value of 1 million 500 thousand yuan Porsche car, there are two or three cracks in the windshield. The driver surnamed Wang, the day around 4:50 in the afternoon, he came to the Senhai villa area of Shaoxing high tech Zone with the car, pick up the boss out to dinner. Just to the boss downstairs, suddenly, "bang", what hit the front windshield of the car. "Hit" position in the cab above the location, thanks to the speed in the district is not fast, otherwise, to break the catastrophe." Xiao Wang said. A neighbor said, the car hit the child upstairs is thrown down by the water filled plastic bag. Accompanied by property, Wang climbed upstairs, layer by layer to find the perpetrators". The first floor, the two floor can basically be ruled out, not so big impact force, the third floor, four floor nobody. Xiao Wang came down to the 5 floor and asked two 10 year old boys. First, the two boys are not admitted, then the child’s parents also questioned, one of the boys said this, he threw the bag is. The boy said, just want to do an experiment, see a bag of water throwing downstairs is what effect, but it hit the car just coming. The boy’s father apologized to little king and said, "it’s the fault of my family, and we’re willing to take responsibility."." Hong police officer said, "the attitude of parents is sincere, we arrived, there is no mediation, they negotiate their own good." Xiao Wang made a phone call to the 4S store, and the offer was 12 thousand to 13 thousand yuan. There is also a neighbor said, think of the 5 floor, threw a bag of water, there will be such a big force, Porsche such a good car, the glass was broken, "if someone had just been downstairs after, this bag of water hit the head, at least to the zayun." Newspaper correspondent Zhong Hongjiao Xu Yuanyuan newspaper reporter Miao Lina

熊孩子做实验从5楼扔水袋 砸裂保时捷挡风玻璃-搜狐新闻  前天晚上6点左右,绍兴公安局高新分局的洪警官接到市民报警:自己的车前挡风玻璃被砸碎,想请民警帮忙协调。   这是一辆价值150万元的保时捷跑车,前挡风玻璃有两三处裂痕。   驾驶员姓王,当天下午4点50分左右,他开着这辆车来到绍兴高新区森海豪庭小区,接老板出去吃饭。刚到老板家楼下,突然“砰”的一声,什么东西砸到了车子的前挡风玻璃上。   “砸中的位置就在驾驶室上方的位置,幸亏在小区里车速不快,否则要闯大祸。”小王说。有邻居说,砸中车的,是楼上小孩扔下来的装满水的塑料袋。   在物业陪同下,小王爬上楼,一层层地寻找“肇事者”。一楼、二楼基本可以排除,没那么大的冲击力,三楼、四楼没人。小王在5楼看到下来两个10来岁的男孩,便过去询问。一开始,两个男孩不承认,后来孩子的家长也来盘问,其中一个男孩这才说,水袋是他扔的。   男孩说,就是想做个实验,看看一袋水扔下楼是什么效果,哪知却砸中了正好开过来的汽车。   男孩的父亲跟小王道了歉,并态度诚恳地说,“是我家孩子的错,我们愿意承担责任。”   洪警官说,“家长态度很诚恳,我们到了后也没有调解,他们自己就协商好了。”   小王打了一个电话给4S店,对方报价是1.2万到1.3万元。   也有邻居说,想不到5楼扔下的一袋水,会有这么大的力道,保时捷这么好的车,玻璃都被砸破了,“要是刚好有人在楼下经过,被这袋水砸到头上,起码也要把人砸晕吧。”   本报通讯员 钟宏娇 徐圆圆 本报记者 苗丽娜相关的主题文章: