Beijing people enjoy a good place for the weekend – Sohu Sahuan ginkgo Tourism splitit

Beijing people enjoy a good place for the weekend – Sohu Sahuan ginkgo tourism looking ahead is full of golden scene was saola autumn a golden ginkgo tree leaves in the light of the sun, shining. There is a large ginkgo tree, close to the Beijing water diversion canal, here is actually a ginkgo seedling base. The forest has been attracted to the ginkgo tree in the capital of the people. People with dogs and dogs Sahuan, saw the thick leaves and exciting dash. A roll, while chasing each other. As to this point last autumn injured all over the body of the stampede. Love the young man riding a bicycle ride in knots to each other laughing riding Boulevard, suddenly on the road, suddenly into the woods, is playing awfully. The children were lying in a hammock, happiness than immortal. There are some naughty sanxialiangxia climbs up the tree with excitement. It is estimated that children can only be on the tree. The girls lifting handfuls of leaves bright scattered sky, to this beautiful moment forever fixed. The old man who is not the same. They strolled while picking up the ground fall of ginkgo fruit, is the fruit picking outing two. Big woods, the air is good, the weekend with family, friends play together or a good drop. Come on, come on, there’s not much left. This is located in Beijing Changping Nan Shao Zhen Zhang Ge Zhuang ginkgo forest, as long as you from the city to sit on the subway, and then transfer to the Changping line, South Shao Zhen, sit Chang Road 51 to sit two stations Zhanggezhuang get off. Along the South East Jingmiyinshuiqu one kilometer walk to. As Chang 51 Road is relatively small, and so on, if you are not afraid to walk past, probably about three kilometers. I came back to the subway station, not bad, not tired at all. Green travel, because parking is not convenient, although you can drive into the car, but a lot of people on the weekend, or a good car.         相关的主题文章: