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Computers-and-Technology Automation and digitization are the need of the hour. With the evolution of technological innovation and development in the modern world, human beings are being more and more reliant on technology. Gone are the days when people use to maintain diaries and physical notes on the various vital statistics of their body and living style so as to make sure they have a balanced life style. Now a day, everything is digital and is easily accessible through meticulous, sophisticated software with built in intelligence which not only provides with all the information required and demanded by users, but also makes sure that they consults or advices users on the best practices and their deviation from what actually is desired. Gemix Inc which is a known brand in this field has launched a revolutionary product in the field of automation targeted towards fitness savvy customers. The product or the actual offering if nothing but a Bluetooth bracelet wrist band which would provide the user with all the information on their work out schedule and regime. The user of this device would actually be able to assign numeric tracking to his work out which includes the actual distance for which the user has run or jogged, the heart beat range, number of calories burnt in the physical exercise that he has undergone and others. Using this device, the user can even track his sleep hours which no doubt forms a major component of the overall health dynamics. The Bluetooth watch wrist band keeps track of the number of hours slept by the user and accordingly has inbuilt alarm system which is smart enough to be automatically set to the appropriate time so that the user neither over sleeps nor he is left stressed out. Bluetooth watch bracelet device also takes remote control picture of the user in rest or in motion so as to check on the posture with which the user is moving. There are certain exercises or moves which are injury prone if not done in the current correct and intensity. So, these automatically taken pictures of the user in action help him to retrospect the execution of the entire physical exercise which in turn helps him to plan better. Apart from this state of art features, the device also supports certain utility features which include call reminders and the same is linked to smart phones as well. The device also has an inbuilt anti-lost system which has artificial intelligence designed in it to alarm the actual owner of the device in case the device is lost or misplaced. Users can connect the Bluetooth bracelet wrist band with their smart phones provided they have Android version 4.3 or IOS version7.0 or above. The product has been innovated and designed by Gemic Inc along with Amazon as their fulfilment partners. The wide reach and brand value would help the product make its mark across the globe. The shipment of the product is also handled by Amazon who ensures that the product would be shipped hassle free within the next working day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: