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Bright blind! Chongqing university freshmen wear fluorescence (Figure) provinces military clothing vocational college toudangxian three batch Toudang line to know the university volunteer volunteer hall get rid of sorting three errors at the 23 essential terms of voluntary volunteer college entrance examination ranking positioning method of combat skills how to choose the university discipline and professional enrollment data reference university ranking selection university admission points ranking key recommendation the test for colleges to learn what professional volunteer candidates with the three step to check the original title: Chongqing college freshmen wear fluorescent clothing training, bright blind! Recently, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications College of mobile Hechuan a freshman who would not take the unusual way, dressed in green clothes for military uniform fluorescence. Netizens have joked: "blind, at night without lights. Military training!" "A good hand!" In August 30th, the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter came to the Hechuan Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications College of mobile, one of the students are on the playground for military training, dazzling fluorescent vests suddenly caught people’s eyes. According to the staff of the school, the school freshman year of military service are of different colors, this year also just set a fluorescent green color, but did not expect the night from afar, let the students look at the fluorescent clothing like fireflies. "When the sun has a little spicy eyes, in the evening, I feel like a concert on the playground, the same feeling!" The student of the school, Joe, said with a smile. User comments: @ anonymous users: instructors guide training, whether you need to wear sunglasses? @ Chen Feng to reach for the stars: This is called the school next door. @GD-1988-8-18: they don’t go through the traditional military training every year. They used to go to college next to them. See the envy of the dead, but also want to wear casual point, the new clothes. @choi_ Litata: do not take the unusual way! Ha-ha。 @Z Zhou Yuan: firefly squad. @___ Wesley: orange The Smurfs, Hulk, orange fruit, small yellow, light sticks, etonenet is really bright than the next session. The return of the students: the students are the school, began to think he participated in the tour group. Hao Ran HOMYIM silk: the last time we were a little yellow, and this is the next time we will be the next firefly, 666, The Smurfs… @ wood: suddenly looked dazzling, students refreshing. @ Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications College of mobile: no light also can see you, don’t touch Oh, a move to see you. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Chen Yao photo thunder keys相关的主题文章: