Cai Zhenhua the football association did not force Gao Hongbo to resign will not commit such

Cai Zhenhua: the football association did not force the resignation of Gao Hongbo   don’t make mistakes – Yunnan channel — original title: Cai Zhenhua: so low FA did not force the resignation of Gao Hongbo will not commit such a low-level errors on the afternoon of 13, Chinese Association executive committee held an emergency meeting to discuss should resign from the national football coach to Gao Hongbo’s. However, the same as the Executive Committee of the Gao Hongbo, did not appear in the conference site. After the football association will held a media briefing in the Executive Committee, Gao Hongbo resignation and appointment of coach related matters described. Chinese Football Association executive committee Yu Hongchen said that the coach will produce in 20 days, but there is no contact with any person, including rumors of the Shenhua coach mansano. Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua on the so-called "Gao Hongbo Football Association was forced to make a explanation. He said he never mentioned the resignation of two words, I can responsibly say. Also did not reveal a similar meaning, will not say that you lost the game to resign. Under normal circumstances, I will not make such low-level mistakes. As a child exam, I can’t tell you if the child said, do you like." Cai Zhenhua said he understood Gao Hongbo’s pressure, after the game he was at the hotel also asked Gao Hongbo to resign. Gao Hongbo said the first 5 games to get to the point of 7 to 8, the top 12 said before the game must be scored in the world cup, so from the coach this piece, he must bear the responsibility, so put forward to resign". He said. Yu Hongchen of the game last night Cai Zhenhua and the football coaching communication in detail. He said, Cai Zhenhua gives the suggestions on the emergence of the first list of players, and affirmed the formation. "Although we can make suggestions, but the decision-making power in him, the team is the final decision of the coach, he may be too idealistic. Because the coach is hired by the Chinese Football Association, so when the coach made a mistake in the decision-making, the football association should also assume responsibility." Cai Zhenhua said. For the new appointment, Chinese Football Association executive vice president Zhang Jian said that the job will learn from the experience and lessons of the past, will be looking at familiar with the range of outstanding coaches Chinese, Asian Football in the Chinese and foreign coaches are possible. It is reported that the coach will work period is limited to 12 strong match, this also means that it will be a period of at least first is only about 1 years of partnership. Such work cycle can attract big name Yang Shuai, had to be marked a big question mark. It is said that the football association has been in-depth contact with Li Tie. In addition, Jia Xiuquan’s voice is quite high. (Zhu Xiaolong) (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: