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Wine-Spirits Champagne has been a coveted drink for centuries and is still seen as a symbol of status and pedigree, even in these more socially mobile times. Its the perfect beverage to indulge in this Christmas and is the icing on the cake of many a high end social occasion and celebration. Champagne gifts are, after all these centuries, still the epitome of beauty, class and sophistication. Champagne is made from a mixture of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes and the sugar content of it varies, its made from a process known as double fermentation and then corked immediately to preserve the magic. If you search for champagne on the internet, youll find a plethora of contradictory articles regarding the effects of champagne on the body and wont know what to believe. The advice to keep in mind is that like any alcoholic beverage mixed with carbonated water, champagne will be absorbed quickly into the body, hence the small sizes of champagne glasses. The bubbles make it much more faster acting than white wine although the alcohol content is striking similar (around ten percent). The sugar content of champagne also makes it more likely to linger in the body and leave you waking up with the dreaded hangover. Heres how to have a lovely sophisticated Christmas and avoid the champagne hangover: Avoidance? This was included merely because of the lunacy of this suggestion seen across many articles online. It is like telling someone not to eat chocolate because it will make them fat. Moderation is key and makes it more enjoyable anyway. You can definitely have too much of a good thing. If you find yourself drinking something because its there or you feel rude refusing, stop drinking immediately. Eat a good meal that has a mixture of carbs and protein. This will by no means protect you from getting seriously hammered on too much champagne but it will give you something to arm yourself with before going out. Drink, drink drinkerm, water. Aqua vita, H2o, the clear stuff etc. Drink it like the supply is being stopped tomorrow. Drink it before you go out, between champagne glasses, and right before you go to bed. Try and avoid making champagne cocktails. If you receive a personalised champagne gift set this Christmas; try and avoid using all of the .ponents inside it at once (tempting as it may be). Champagne cocktails are lovely but absolutely lethal. Theres something to be said for a classy flute of pure champagne on a girls night out (or in!) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: