Changzhou men suffering from fetishism to steal a woman nearly 20 pieces of

Changzhou men suffering from "fetishism" to steal a woman nearly 20 pieces of clothes during a newspaper all media news from 2015 to 2016, Ms. Wang who lives in Ding Yan Street of Wujin District found that the clothes in the yard of Lady coat, suit, jacket, down jacket, often inexplicably lost, she also just started not too much when one thing. Until she lost nearly 20 dresses, she realized the seriousness of the problem and hastened to report it. The investigation found that Ms. Wang rented rental housing surrounding environment is chaotic, there is no Wuguan and security, prone to theft cases, and there is no monitoring probe, it is difficult to investigate and collect evidence. Through on-site investigation, visit the surrounding masses, the police found that the surrounding residents were not stolen, stolen only Ms. Wang one person, and stolen only some lady clothes. At the suggestion of the police, Ms. Wang monitoring probes installed at home, determined to catch out the thief steal clothes. After a period of monitoring, Ms. Wang locked up a haunted house, the man once again alarm suspicious appearance and movements. In the process of investigation, the bold thief stole clothes again to Ms. Wang’s home to steal clothes, and was caught by Ms. Wang and her family. According to the man Sohn confessed, after the first time he stole Ms. Wang’s clothes, found that there is a taste of his clothes to attract him, it is this flavor prompted him again and again, and three will be the thief hand extended to Ms. Wang’s clothes. After identification, the man suffered from a "fetish", is a kind of psychological disease, as limited liability ability. At the beginning of November this year, the man was sentenced to probation.

常州男子患“恋物癖” 偷一女子近20件衣服 常报全媒体讯 2015年至2016年期间,家住武进区丁堰街道的王女士发现,晾在自家院子里的女士大衣、西装、棉袄、羽绒服等经常会莫名丢失,刚开始她也没太当一回事。直到丢了近20件衣服,她这才意识到问题的严重性,急忙报案。经侦查发现,王女士租住的出租房周边环境较乱,没有物管和保安,容易发生盗窃案件,且周围没有监控探头,侦查取证较为困难。通过现场勘查、走访周围群众,民警发现,周边居民并没有被盗情况,被偷的仅有王女士一人,且被偷的只是些女士衣物。在民警的建议下,王女士在家门外安装了监控探头,决心揪出这个偷衣贼。经过一段时间的监控,王女士锁定了一名经常出没在家门口、形迹可疑的男子,便再次报警。在侦查过程中,这名胆大的偷衣贼再次来到王女士家中偷衣服,结果被王女士和家人逮个正着。据该男子孙某交待,他第一次偷到王女士的衣服后,发现衣服上有一股令他神往的味道,正是这股味道促使他一而再、再而三将贼手伸向王女士的衣服。经鉴定,该名男子患有“恋物癖”,是种心理疾病,为限制责任能力人。今年11月初,该男子被法院判处缓刑。相关的主题文章: