Chelsea is willing to take a small law to do a chip for one person or two degrees refused to Milan –tianbi

Chelsea is willing to take a small change or a method to make the chip by the Milan sports Sohu – two times refused to take small Chelsea may do a chip according to the Italian media "Milan news network" revealed that Chelsea plans to use Fabregas as a bargaining chip for Milan defender Rome gnoli, Western Rome has to face at gnoli coveted for a long time the basic method for small, and have to give up, because Conti Bianzhen, to further reduce the Spanish midfielder in the presence of Chelsea, so I hope the salary will rise high on the edge of people into the market as soon as possible. Cesc Chelsea this season in the completely reduced to substitute for Chelsea he only played 6 games, of which only 3 is the first play, but the efficiency is very high, playing time he also contributed 2 goals and 2 assists short. Nevertheless, "Milan news network" still said small law is likely to be in the winter transfer period in January to leave Chelsea, there are at least five clubs interested in Spanish veteran, including AC Milan, Juventus, Manchester City, West Ham and Seville, but because Chelsea is hoping to introduce Milan, Rome gnoli, inadvertently the swap the transaction may be facilitated. Early in the summer, Chelsea had to buy Rome gnoli, then according to the "Republic" reported that Chelsea of Rome gnoli offer up to 45 million euros, floating bonus clause in addition the contract is also provided with 5 million euros, the transaction fee will reach 50 million euros in the most high. But even seemingly full of sincerity offer, but still unable to move to Milan high heart, the Rossoneri believes that Rome gnoli superior strength, and only 21 years old, has great potential in the future, he has the ability to become the AC of the revival of Milan flag character. Subsequently, Milan also officially confirmed, Chelsea received about Rome gnoli offer, but the club official to be rejected. Right now, Chelsea’s buying momentum again, and this time the biggest bargaining chip in their hands is Fabregas. Conti hopes to use the Spanish midfielder as a move to the Rossoneri for Rome gnoli incast. It is reported that Fabregas and Chelsea’s contract will expire in June 2019, in order to be in January next year will be a part of the Spanish away, Chelsea even willing to bear the traced to 160 thousand a week. However, according to the latest news "Milan news network", the Rossoneri for small law interests are not so strong, they are still optimistic about the future of Rome gnoli, so even if Chelsea is willing to come up with a small law, Milan is not to sell, may refuse to two degrees. (GD)相关的主题文章: