China Southern Power Grid Yunnan international surgeon backdoor listing failed restructuring tighter

China Southern Power Grid Yunnan international surgeon backdoor listing fell through acquisitions of new regulations to tighter regulation of capital flows to the thousands of thousands of hot column stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you the original title: the new restructuring falls to tighter regulation of China Southern Power Grid Caodao Yunnan international backdoor listing failed each reporter Ouyang Kai restructuring since September 9th since the formal implementation of the new regulations, A shares have dozens of companies to terminate the reorganization. In October 13th, Wenshan electric power (600995, SH) released on the termination of a major asset restructuring announcement that received the controlling shareholder of Yunnan power grid notice, China Southern Power Grid proposal, since the reorganization lasted longer, during the policy changes, has uncertainty to continue to promote the transaction, South Network International, Yunnan power grid and Wenshan power respectively held a board will, agreed to consider the termination of the restructuring. The "daily economic news" reporter learned that Wenshan electric power restructuring lasted more than a year, in early June released a draft, intends to Yunnan power grid issued shares to buy its holdings of 37.7% stake in Yunnan international, South Network International to purchase its holdings of 62.3% stake in Yunnan international payment of cash, the transaction price is 1 billion 14 million yuan. It also intends to include the controlling shareholder of Yunnan power grid, including no more than 10 specific investors to raise no more than 837 million yuan of matching funds, Yunnan international backdoor listing. The regulatory requirements changed notably, whether it is a listed company in Wenshan, Yunnan power grid, power transaction South Network International, or the underlying assets of the Yunnan international, behind the actual control per capita for China Southern Power grid. The China Southern Power Grid by the surgeon, at a price of 1 billion 14 million yuan will be Yunnan international Wenshan power backdoor listing, is also considered a model to improve the state-owned asset securitization rate, promote the reform of state-owned enterprises. The number of people in the industry said in an interview with reporters, as the South Yunnan international network’s positioning platform to carry out international business of the Mekong River sub region, mainly responsible for doing business with Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, and China Southern Power Grid will Yunnan international into the listed company, the main hope that through contact with the capital market promote cross-border electricity and construction of transmission channel. For the termination of the restructuring, Wenshan electric power will be attributed to policy changes. In June this year, the Commission issued "on issues related to listed companies to issue shares to buy assets and raise matching funds with the answer" (hereinafter referred to as "the answer"), and released "on the revision of the" management approach "major asset restructuring of Listed Companies in September 9th". "Solution" for the reorganization of the regulatory requirements to raise matching funds for the program has a greater impact on the change, the company will not be able to raise funds in accordance with the original program package." Wenshan electric power explained. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that the reorganization, Wenshan electric power that raise matching funds for the payment of cash to buy assets on the price, the remainder will be used to the listed company’s fixed assets investment projects and repay bank loans. But to raise matching funds相关的主题文章: