China’s rapid development of new energy passenger car situation – China Network-plants war

China new energy passenger car – the rapid development trend of Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Yan Xiaohong) in September 20, August 2016 Chinese new energy passenger car production of 26 thousand and 500 vehicles, sales of 26 thousand and 700 vehicles, an increase of 132.22% and 197.27% respectively. 20 reporters from the Chinese automobile industry association was informed that in August this year China new energy vehicles show explosive growth (its sales compared to the same period last year increased by about 111% and 116%), during the period of new energy passenger car performance is also remarkable. Due to the large market demand, the future development of China’s new energy vehicles are still endless potential. According to the analysis, the passenger car monthly sales trends from this year’s Chinese new energy, affected by the open season, and was influenced by "cheat fill" storm and other factors, the first two months of its sales performance is not ideal, but in January Chinese new energy passenger car sales year-on-year still has high growth characteristics. February was affected by the Spring Festival holiday sales fell, but began to rise in March. After the start of the two quarter, with the new energy vehicles around the subsidy policies have landed, China’s new energy vehicle market to regain a hot situation, 4-8 months are up more than 1.5 times the growth rate. The industry is expected, with the new energy vehicles subsidy policy adjustment gradually clear, new energy vehicles will be expected to further enhance the practitioners from technical standards, scale, environmental protection and other aspects of the future development of new energy vehicles, Chinese months still have good prospects. (end)相关的主题文章: