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Chinese Ambassador: Hinckley corner project is in English "golden age" of the "golden fruit" – Beijing, China News Agency, London, September 29 Xinhua (reporter Zhou Zhaojun) in the three party 29 days in London signed Hinckley angle C nuclear power project final investment agreement, means that the project to complete the necessary the approval and business process, will be substantial. In this regard, said China ambassador Liu Xiaoming accepted a joint interview with Chinese in the British media, signed Hinckley corner project investment package agreement, marking the "golden age" of the Sino British recognition, Hinckley corner project is a British "golden age" of the "golden fruit". Liu Xiaoming said that this is China’s largest single investment in the UK, but also the largest investment projects in Europe, its significance lies not only in the amount and size of investment, but also a higher level of cooperation. Three party cooperation not only in the field of energy to open up new horizons, but also to deal with global climate change has a global significance. He said that the Sino British cooperation in the field of energy is not only commercial cooperation, as well as technical cooperation. The project itself is not only to bring jobs to the UK, to provide energy to the United Kingdom, but also to China and the French companies to bring development opportunities, more importantly, marks a new stage of cooperation between China and Britain into a new stage. Nuclear power is an industry chain, and Britain and France reach a package agreement, involving a number of power plants, many suppliers, manufacturers, for Britain’s employment, taxation, energy supply, is of great significance to the development of nuclear power, nuclear power technology development on the Chinese. In the process of approving the project, the British government proposed to participate in the construction of new nuclear power projects, and the right to intervene in the transfer of equity. Liu Xiaoming said that in relation to the national economy and the people’s livelihood on major infrastructure projects to strengthen national security review, it should be said that this is an international practice. The British government has repeatedly stressed the need to constantly improve the mechanism, first, it stressed that this is the international practice; second, this mechanism is not for China, suitable for all countries, are non discriminatory; third, the national security review is not limited to the field of nuclear power, including all the large infrastructure. "I don’t think we have any difficulty in this matter, because we Chinese enterprises are here to develop mutually beneficial cooperation, we will not pose any problems to the security of the United Kingdom, on the contrary will be beneficial to them." Liu Xiaoming said, "strengthen the UK safety review of China is not a problem. I said to my English friends, we are here to seek cooperation, not to find trouble, not to create difficulties for you. I believe that national security review is not a problem for us." (end)相关的主题文章: