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Manzano: China player is very difficult to understand the future or return to the Chinese tactical Manzano sina sports recently, just and Shanghai Shenhua lifted the contract of the Spanish coach Manzano accepted the Spanish national television interview, he believes that the management China football should make a change. Manzano first talked about his goal: "no problem, I will first choose to rest, if possible I hope to stay in Spain, if there is no chance, then I will be more likely to return to Chinese coaching." Manzano then recalled himself in the Chinese Coach: "Chinese changed my patience, and every day I have to spend a lot of patience in China football work, you must have to try to understand some things, but it’s not just in football. Many things that seem to be common sense are hard to understand because of their culture. You have to be patient with them." Manzano also talked about the management and the players: they are not the same, the concept of football is not flexible, lack of spirituality. I think they need to change the mentality of management in order to achieve the desired results. The players are flexible, they want to learn and learn new things. But inflexible people play a leading role. In Chinese culture, subordinates are subordinate to the higher, but in the higher level of football, but also to listen to the lower, it will be very convenient, but the management did not consider doing so. From a tactical point of view, it is not easy for the Chinese players to transfer ideas, although they are very obedient, and that the coach is the most authoritative, but they are not easy to understand the relevant concepts. This is the basis of the problem, they are too elementary football concept, not absorbed into other ideas, especially those important part of modern football." At the same time, Manzano also believes that the financial strength of Chinese football is very strong: "the financial strength of Chinese football is very strong, while they are still in the internal competition is the most luxurious team." (Callas)相关的主题文章: