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Chinese tourists in Australia to touch the face than the big abalone! – second days after the arrival of the Sohu tour in Tasmania, we celebrated the first leg of the trip to Australia – touch abalone! Then came the second climax – eat abalone! This is the first thing to do with abalone. About to eat abalone, let me make a write slowly Kazakhstan) first high-profile light phase, Tasmania’s most famous black abalone edge just out of the water like that about Ben Na, not a bit shy. The light elder brother feels the equipment of the abalone, the bag contained a half sleeve diving suit. See brother boss equipment originator Hot pot more professional, his wetsuit thickness is 7mm, can resist the polar temperature, light that a brother is only 3mm, his body is not what fat… Boss… Brother brother hold light estimation. Did not expect to make light brother chowhound spirit of adventure, to touch the abalone, simply in only five degrees Celsius water lasted for an hour… Worship… Only the size of the abalone can legally capture. Such a 150mm abalone, at least four or five years long. Wild abalone on their growth environment has a strong selectivity – the sea to cool, salt to high, water flow, seaweed supply. Although many parts of the world production of abalone, but the best quality, most fresh and sweet juicy abalone are grown in the area near 40 degrees south latitude — Australia South of the island of Tasmania for wild abalone provides a perfect growing environment — where the water is clean, seaweed is abundant, wild abalone paradise. Abalone shell is a single soft animal, attached to the open coastline on the rocks, the water depth is less than 40 meters, the gap between love live in cracks in rocks, caves, the lower part of the rock and stones. These places are generally flowing. Such a living environment so that the evolution of the abalone to produce a strong enough meat, so that they can be adsorbed on the rock wall. And because of this, give people a taste abalone is always very flexible, in Cantonese is called "refreshing shells teeth", describe it quite appropriate. There are two kinds of abalone in Tasmania: black abalone and green abalone. The black side of abalone, as the name implies, crony side is black, with 6 to 7 distinct gully on the shell, love life in the coastal reefs. Green abalone shells are relatively smooth, often prefer to live in rich coral reefs. How can we capture abalone? Duang~Duang~Duang~ stroke! Heavy! Point! First of all, you have a certificate. In Australia, there are different rules for the capture of abalone in each state. Tasmania regulations to capture abalone must buy abalone card. The following is the Tasmanian government purchase abalone card official website: https: reclicence for the first time to buy abalone license fee is $53.55, of which $45.9 is the basic fee, the first time a permit fee of $7.65, if the renewal after it, as long as 7)相关的主题文章: