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Classification of large scale shrink, ICBC Changsheng, the Great Wall is a mini Fund – fund channel China Economic Net Beijing on October 27th news (reporter Kang Bo) since the second half of last year, fell sharply in the A stock market not only for ordinary partial stock funds and scale suffered a fall, the classification of the fund’s survival is a serious challenge. It is reported that from June last year, the highest stock index fell more than 40%, in such a fierce market, grading fund B share leverage because with nature, generally fell more than 60% and trigger the next fold, which also makes many investors suffered heavy losses. Since then, the scale of the classification fund transactions worse. Policy to tighten the size of the scale of the fund dropped last August 21st, the Commission press conference, the spokesman responded to the market at the time for the classification fund approval, guidelines and other questions. It said, "considering the fund classification mechanism is more complex, ordinary investors are not easy to understand, and the early emergence of some new situations and new problems, therefore, I will suspend the registration of such products, and is studying relevant policies." Nearly 200 grade funds was pending, is still awaiting approval. At the same time, there are more than ten have been established but not listed grading fund, has not been able to wait for approval to be listed. In the subsequent September, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued grading fund business management guidelines (Draft), announced the establishment of 300 thousand yuan securities investors will be class asset threshold. Since then, with the decline in the volume of market transactions, the proportion of the fund’s share of the fund trading volume also fell. Public data show that such products in September turnover of 53 billion 148 million yuan, down more than in August, more than 40%. According to the Beijing Daily reported that just three quarterly disclosure of this year, the proportion of the fund showed that only half of the fund products in the three quarter of the size of the phenomenon of shrinking in the 28 quarter. The three quarter of the scale of China’s investment in UBS index gem gem index fund has shrunk nearly 600 million copies, Cathay Pacific food and beverage industry index funds in the third quarter of the size of the scale has shrunk by 316 million copies. As of the end of the three quarter, in the proportion of the fund in the stock of only 28, a total of less than 7 copies of the scale of less than 50 million, becoming a mini fund. Were long letter card Belt and Road Initiative index fund, the Great Wall long trillion 300 small board index fund and Changsheng SSE 50 Index Fund, Sheng Tonghui deep 100 weight grading funds, Changsheng with Swiss certificate 200 grade funds, ICBC card in the new energy index fund and ICBC Shenzhen 100 index fund. Analysts believe that part of the classification of funds has shrunk dramatically, partly due to the downturn in the stock market, on the other hand, with the recent "grading fund business management guidelines (Draft)" issued, resulting in a turnover downturn, the future survival of the fund classification is more severe. The industry said that the data show that as of June 30, 2016, the account balance of more than 300 thousand yuan in the number and classification of B hold customer accounts only about 3000 households, accounting for about 22%, if the market prices are not obvious in turn, in accordance with the provisions of the number of investors will be further reduced. Risk aversion to grade A but gone,.相关的主题文章: