Congested Monday! There was a shocking scene on the streets of

Congestion on Monday! The streets of Fuzhou shocking scene today is the first day after the frost, early morning cool obviously, but also under the rhythm of the rain…… But the intersection of Fuxin Road and 61 Road, the shocking scene…… About 7:25 in the morning, the reporter saw little fear in the traffic police surveillance video intelligent control center: 61 road and Fuxin Road intersection, a row of overhead cable drop on the road, causing traffic jams. The police and the police rushed to the scene to maintain traffic order, then the police and police had been holding that passing vehicles by cable…… As they point a big praise!!! For nearly an hour, police Milo and police sister pulled Chuila cable…… Opened a channel for traffic congestion, protect the smooth passage of the early peak, from 7:25 little fear of seeing this, until about 8:15 they are still clinging to the cable…… Afraid to drop down on the pedestrians and vehicles, I just want to say to the police Milo, I have seen you are the most handsome man standing! A hand holding poles with cable, the other hand is also busy directing traffic. Nice to have you… Thanksgiving… This city will become very warm for you this morning in the fall, what is the line? Is the high-pressure line??? 987 reporter John Wei also verify to Fuzhou power center, "this is the feedback is not high voltage power, so that to Adam, we are trying to prove, if you encounter high-voltage wire drop…… I want to do!!! My good side…… Tell you a Cheats: hop! High voltage single leg jump principle Chinese: step voltage nature: a type of background voltage: electricity self introduction: the so-called step voltage refers to the electrical equipment grounding fault occurs, the grounding current in place of potential distribution area people walking around, the distance between the two voltage: 8~10 meters within: safe voltage amplitude is 0.6~30 kV voltage: 96 thousand volts amplitude dangerous high voltage line from the road that you want to save your life, and hop! >

拥堵的星期一!福州街头出现了令人震撼的一幕 今天是霜降过后的第一天,大清早的降温很明显,还下着淅淅沥沥的小雨……但是福新路和六一路的交叉路口,出现了令人震撼的一幕……早上7点25分左右,记者小恐在交警智控中心的监控视频当中看到:六一路和福新路交叉路口,一排高空缆线掉落在路面上,引起了交通阻塞。交警和协警及时赶到现场维持交通秩序,然后协警员和交警一直举着缆线让过往的车辆通过……为他们点个大大的赞!!!将近一个小时,交警蜀黍和协警姐姐一直拽着垂落的缆线……为拥堵的车流打开了一条通道,守护着早高峰的顺利通行,从7点25分小恐看到这一幕开始,一直到8点15左右他们依旧紧紧拽着缆线……生怕掉下来砸到过往的行人和车辆,我只想对这位交警蜀黍说,你是我见过站姿最帅的人!一只手举着杆子撑着缆线,另一只手还忙着指挥交通。有你们真好…感恩…这座城也因为你们变得温暖十分这条一大早垂落在地的,到底是什么线路呢?是高压线吗???987记者伟翰也向福州电网中心求证,目前反馈的结果是“这并非是电力的高压线”,那至于是何方神圣,我们也在努力求证中,如果遇到高压电线掉落……我要怎么办呐!!!我好方……告诉你一个秘籍:单腿跳!高压线下单腿跳的原理中文名:跨步电压本质:电压的一种类型出身:电力学自我介绍:所谓跨步电压,就是指电气设备发生接地故障时,在接地电流入地点周围电位分布区行走的人,其两脚之间的电压距离:8~10米之内安全电压:幅值为0.6~30千伏危险电压:幅值96千伏谨记:路遇掉落的高压线,要保命,单腿跳!>相关的主题文章: