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Ctrip farewell Liang Jianzhang era will gradually evolve into investment companies? Source: tourism business observation in November 16, 2016, Ctrip announced the appointment of Sun Jie as CEO, effective immediately. Sun Jie will join the board of directors. Liang Jianzhang, chairman and former chief executive officer of the board of directors, will serve as executive chairman of the board, focusing on the company’s innovation, internationalization, technology, investment and strategic alliances. Liang Jianzhang, the legendary founder of the re shaping of Ctrip, it seems once again to the backstage. This pair of Ctrip, China’s tourism industry mean? Author: Peng Hancheng extension   interview: Yang Fanbai had Weili Hui poem chess   Editor: Zhang Zhenyu in November 15th, Ctrip CEO and chairman of the board Liang Jianzhang will "retire" in the tourism industry began to spread the news. Although the people who understand Ctrip this is not an accident, but this point is still a little sudden – in the exchange with a lot of industry, TBO can obviously feel the surprise of the other side, as well as the seriousness of the moment. "When Liang Jianzhang returns, as Ctrip is to pack siege; Ctrip today dominate the political arena in the ticket, hotel, Ctrip said he is the soul that is fully deserve." Donkey mother CEO Wang Xiaosong told TBO, "Ctrip with strong financial backing, the price war and follow up all innovation mode of competitors, entrepreneurial companies almost no chance of winning positive Ying han. Donkey mother is also working with the parent company King domain group to do more in the way of differentiation to do more cooperation with ctrip." Tuniu CEO in duright on Liang Jianzhang’s retirement, made a cautious statement. "Although Ctrip integration of airline ticket and hotel, but this is mainly to meet business customers. Now leisure travel is rising, this is a new opportunity." Ant cellular travel network co-founder and CEO Chen Gang, said: "the future of the tourism market, less of a great opponent." "My personal evaluation of Liang is the three sentence: Ctrip for the development of China’s tourism has a pivotal position and role, Liang Jianzhang is a great man, I admire his ability to cross." Zhong Hui, vice president of Beijing Travel Association, told TBO. However, more tourism industry leaders in the face of "Liang Jianzhang retirement," the topic, appears to be restrained and silent. They said "to discuss the news", or "too sensitive". Wheat Amoy parent CEO Xie earthquake is very happy to chat. ELong COO served in the 7 years, Xie Zhen has been with the "Liang Jianzhang era" and that with ctrip. But surprisingly, Xie Zhenxian recalled the first meeting with Liang Jianzhang. Around 2000, I read MBA, or students at CEIBS, just met Liang Jianzhang to speak in central europe. Ctrip had just completed a round of financing, I still remember Liang Jianzhang in his speech compared Ctrip and Sina, YAHOO’s business model." Xie Zhen said, and then after the speech, Liang Jianzhang gave CEIBS students each a small card ctrip. From this perspective, Ctrip founder is also the first to do push. "Early in the day, Liang Jianzhang stood.相关的主题文章: