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Dallas prospect analysis ESPN: hard to be traded Nowitzki Nowitzki playoff career mixed cut the greatest foreign players deserved sports news October 14th ESPN Tencent invited 5 experts launched a roundtable on the new season of the playoffs Dallas situation analysis, which suggested that the transaction nowitzki. Experts suggest that the transaction Nowitzki 1, what the most meaningful transaction for the Mavericks? El Hassan: guard to shake, front also need to increase the exercise capacity, the Mavericks need to add a height of more than 2 meters 06, can play 4-5 player. Harbert Siluofu: I want to see Nowitzki was traded to a champion team, if the Spurs regret to find A De, perhaps they will be interested in. Mcmahon: if the King Trading cousins, the Mavericks would use any chips except Dirk to change, however, the Mavericks should not consider trading in the future first round draft picks, Cuban will not forget Odom and Rondo trades. Engleman: from pure basketball sense, Nowitzki Nowitzki is still more meaningful, as long as the team play, the Mavericks cannot fall to compete for high lottery picks, at the same time, Nowitzki has a calf and unable to go further in the playoffs, leaving him will only make small cattle continue to tangle. Pelton: I have not yet found what is conducive to the Mavericks deal, before considering this issue, may wish to take a look at the performance of the new lineup of Dallas. 2, how to treat the calf high salary signed Barnes? El: maybe one of the worst three trades in the summer, with a limited ability to attack, and he will feel a lot of trouble when he is quicker to defend himself against the other side of the game, as well as the other side of the game, which is the most difficult thing for him to do in the past. The most important thing is that he is a player who has a limited ability to defend himself against the threat of being able to deal with the problem. This is not the case. Harbert Siluofu: This is probably a big contract the offseason of Barnes can be rather baffling, a star player, but I prefer to save money, did not expect too much of him. Mcmahon: Barnes’s contract is not cost-effective, but now the Mavericks and the post Dirk era he has better than he is not strong, the Mavericks also want to verify the value of the investment. Engleman: I don’t think Parsons is the calf’s answer, but I also don’t think Barnes is the team answer, his influence on the court and even his old teammates, the Mavericks bet Barnes can become a star, but I think they are wrong. Pelton: the Mavericks do money wrong, but Barnes is still young, there is still room for improvement. 3, what is the biggest problem this season? El Hassan: the Mavericks team lack of talent, the best team in a group of people had a peak period, and some of the young players and the potential is insufficient, which is set to save face to build the lineup, but not for short-term or long-term success and team construction. Harbert: from Siluofu health, Delong, and Nowitzki has to bogute injury history, and Mathews can also be put into the list. Mcmahon: who’s going to create an attack? Barea is currently the best team breakthrough hand, but he is a 32 year old player, although the ball Bogut can help the team alleviate some of the problems, but it is still need to pay attention to what dallas. Engleman: injury risk, in addition to Barnes and Nowitzki, there are other first calf calf injury history, not enough depth, starting once injured, he.相关的主题文章: