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| Domestic anti-social behaviour is unfortunately something most of us have to deal with sooner or later. It can be anything from serious harassment from a close one to nuisances brought on by anti-social landlords or neighbours. A lot of victims blame themselves when situations get out of hand and are reluctant to file a police report or contact other appropriate authorities. After all, most of us just want to get along with our acquaintances, neighbours, landlords and tenants and when something bad happens, we hope that it will turn out to be a one-time incident. When problems gradually escalate, it is possible to go through a so called normalization process where actions that you would have reported to the police 6 months ago are now left unreported, simply because you have gotten used to accepting anti-social behaviour from others. When you find your self amidst anti-social behaviour, the worst thing that you can do is to keep it to your self. In order to determine how serious the problem really is, and possibly find viable solutions, it is always re.mended to tell others about your situation. A person form outside can look at the situation with fresh eyes and let you know his or her opinion. Support, encouragement and tips from others can also make a tremendous difference. When a victim decides to file a police report and try to put an end to the anti-social behaviour via the legal system, support form others who have gone through the same arduous process is often essential. Today, there are many online sites where people share their experiences regarding crimes and anti-social behaviour. You can for instance pay a visit to a website where UK citizen congregate to discus crime, crime prevention and experiences with crimes. It is important to remember that as a victim of anti-social behaviour, you are not the one who should feel ashamed; nor are you the one who should alter your life or be forced to move to a new neighbourhood in order to get away from anti-social behaviour. In some instance moving can be the easiest solution, but before you make such a life altering decision you should take a good look at your other options. By sharing your experiences with other, especially with others who have been in similar situations in the past, it is often possible to work out feasible solutions to this .plicated type of problem. Stop feeling ashamed and angry, and start doing something constructive today! You are the victim here and you deserve a better life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: