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The milk price drop test large ranch: modern animal husbandry original ecological animal husbandry both loss of milk price drop test in the low Li Luan large ranch milk prices are a test of domestic large scale pasture pattern. The two major milk enterprises of modern animal husbandry (01117.HK) and the original ecological animal husbandry (01431.HK) semi annual report released recently showed that the milk price fell and imports a large bag flour impact, after the listing of two companies suffered its first loss. Modern animal husbandry report shows that due to the slow growth of domestic consumption, and suffered the impact of a large bag of imported raw milk powder, the company’s sales price from 4.5 yuan to 4 yuan kg kg, resulting in the company’s revenue decline in raw milk business. The first half of the company’s revenue 2 billion 230 million yuan, representing a decrease of 8.5%, a loss of 570 million yuan in cash, EBITDA (profit tax, interest expense, depreciation, amortization and changes in fair value less the cost of dairy sales profit and loss before) was 650 million yuan, a decrease of 24% over the same period. The original animal husbandry is also in the same situation, the announcement shows that the first half of the company sold the original milk price of 4005 yuan per ton, a discount of $4 kg, compared with 2015 fell by 12.9%. This also led to the first half of the company’s milk sales increased by 9%, revenue was reduced by $5% to $510 million, gross profit decreased by 14.2%, the annual loss of $140 million. "First Financial Daily" reporter found that the two listed companies of the original milk business also remain profitable, but the fair value of biological assets minus the cost of sales, the data have a large loss. Original ecological dairy sales gross profit of 180 million yuan, the fair value of biological assets minus the cost of sales losses of $260 million. Modern animal husbandry dairy farming part of the profit of 360 million yuan, the change in the fair value of biological assets minus the cost of sales losses of up to $500 million, which is the main reason for the loss of the two companies. In this regard, the reporter to the modern animal husbandry investor relations contact e-mail sent to interview outline, but as of press time did not get a reply. Dairy analyst Song Liang told the "First Financial Daily" reporters on "changes in cost reduction dairy sales losses" fair value, has a special way of computing industry, including raw milk prices led to the decline in valuation of biological assets such as cows, and in order to control the production enterprises will be eliminated to bring the loss of dairy cows. Reporters learned that the fair value of dairy industry in general calculating way is multiplied by the price of milk in the future the current amount of milk derived income minus the future costs calculated from cows fed, so the price of milk has great influence on this data. It is worth noting that, from the beginning of the second half of 2014, domestic milk prices have entered the downstream channel, scale pasture raw milk sales price from 5~6 yuan kg prices began to fall sharply, has now dropped to 3.7~3.8 million kilograms. Along with the decline in the price of milk, the loss of large scale pasture surface is also expanding. According to the national dairy industry technology system chief scientist Li Shengli introduction, the current large-scale loss of about 60% acres of land in the face. In contrast, large scale ranch of raw milk sales theory相关的主题文章: