Diamond group September blockbuster to straddle the battle to non-agricultural-t420s

Diamond group: September blockbuster to straddle the battle to non-agricultural clients view the latest market the first applicant number of jobless claims hit a forty year low, strong U.S. economic data, the Fed rate hike is expected to upgrade again at the end of the year, the market optimistic view of the United States in September non farm employment tonight in new positions (hereinafter referred to as "non-agricultural"), the price of gold fell. A four month low, spot gold fell eight, COMEX gold futures prices have fallen below the 200 day moving average price level of $1249.8 an ounce, the lowest since June 7th. [fundamentals] 1 the latest week to apply for unemployment benefits better than expected, reduced to 249 thousand people, the market is expected to be 256 thousand. Another survey also showed that the number of layoffs continued to decline year on year decline, so that the market speculation today announced the September employment report or surprise. Market interest rate hike is expected to continue to rise in the United States, December interest rate hike to 63%, compared with last week, more than 10 percentage points. 2 the ECB announced yesterday September meeting, the meeting pointed out there is no sufficient evidence to show that inflation rebounded significantly, the ECB members mostly agree with the financial situation, the need to maintain fairly loose to support the economy and inflation, this position is very important. It reiterated that, if necessary, will take further measures in order to achieve the inflation target, the determination of doubt. But it also shows that the decision should not affect market expectations. At the same time, it is pointed out that a broad plan to buy bonds is faced with the challenge of increasing means to buy bonds to reduce, so will review in terms of debt to buy back, to ensure that no debt can be bought. The plan was scheduled to end in March next year, the current monthly debt to buy 80 billion euros. Market rumours it will "water" reduction of wide scale, but this has been a record of the meeting, which may be excluded. 3 of the world’s largest gold ETF–SPDRGoldTrust, 106 gold holdings amounted to 947.63 tons, compared with the same day. 4 Friday event data: 14:00 Germany 8 seasonally adjusted industrial output rate; price index rate 15:30 UK September Halifax seasonally adjusted merchandise trade account; 16:30 UK August industrial output rate, manufacturing output in August monthly rate, seasonally adjusted 8 20:30; the U.S. unemployment rate in September rose 9, after the United States non farm employment; 22:00 U.S. August wholesale sales rate; the next day 00:45 the Fed’s 2016 FOMC ticket commission Mestre spoke to October 7th when the United States; the next day 01:00 week number of oil drilling; 03:00 the next day the Fed’s 2016 FOMC ticket Committee George delivered a speech [technology] on Thursday the price of gold continued to surface analysis measuring low, minimum to $1249. On line yesterday, the price of gold fell below $1265 and $1200 in June rose to $1375 in the 0.618 position, one fell 200 day moving average, the weak trend, day KD is still empty framework, still back to the low test score of just 60, KD multi signal and accept the shadow line yesterday, very short have the opportunity to rebound, but the future strength of the dollar index, gold rose will be at stake.相关的主题文章: