Emperor Kangxi imperial monument monument on the high 4.25 meters Fuping Confucious’Temple (video)-hypersnap-dx

Emperor Kangxi imperial monument monument on the high 4.25 meters of Confucious’temple in Fuping recently found in Fuping County of Confucious’ Temple Museum in cultural relics, discovered the Qing emperor Kangxi · "Confucius Confucius Zan" monument. Green stone, shaped by the monument, the monument, a square block of three parts. The first Monument and 4.25 meters high, 1.1 meters wide, 0.32 meters thick; a 1.45 meters wide, 0.85 meters thick, 0.55 meters high. After more than and 300 years of groundless talk, still legible, exquisite ornamentation, and well preserved, very rare. A carved "erlongxizhu" pattern for the monument Tengyun, trim, flower pattern, middle inscription 12 lines, 50 characters. The handwriting is vigorous and regular. The inscription is divided into two sections, the upper of Confucius in the important contribution of the spring and Autumn period to give high appraisal. Confucius’s historical role and Yao, Shun and Yu, Tang, Zhou Wenwang, Zhouwu Wang Road sages can be compared. Confucius is not the "academic, confused, and choking off, SDAU lost for a long time." We can also imagine today, in the spring and Autumn period, Chinese society is in the falling of ceremony from slave society to feudal society, the transformation of the occasion, dinner. The Marquis for territory interests. You came from the right. Only the lonely sage to lofty ideals, the pursuit of advocating rites, rites. Give up high Lu, led the disciples displaced among nations, to have mighty princes, to promote "benevolence, harmony", diligently, itinerant lectures. Once in Chen Cai’s place, almost all the food. The word "monument doer Xunye Bing at once, Ming Si teaching week in bes." The year of emperor Kangxi in a place called Queli patrol, patrol, I pick the east country, after worship Queli, Jing Zi Jing deep enterprise, Chan said to capture pen. Under the inscription: (praised Confucius) "voicing quality, rigid with gas, the people in Saint, Li, the Xi Cha, by Shedaomo, but Huang Jian, as a monarch, vertical system forever, only Yao, Shun and Yu, Tang, Wen, Wu 500, to Christmas sound, Jin yu. In order to delete the book Jue into poetry, making music on betrothal gifts, called to end, to show, not the final regret, although the rank, Confucius Road, with thousands of sanctuary". The emperor Kangxi and issued a call for this world to Confucius: "bes above, with a holy teacher; teacher to bes, st.. Non teacher teacher, but the teacher okimichi, Taishan Yan Yan, the Great East China Sea, road not far, G read st.. Kangxi twenty-five years at the beginning of July four, "according to the" imperial imperial Qing Zhi "contains:" emperor Shengzu of Saint Confucius Confucius praise ", Kangxi twenty-five years (AD 1686) stone, by the Ministry of Shang, Cultural Palace scholar Zhang Yushu Feng Chi’s book, Kangxi’s emperor Confucius tribute spring. This is a time of national cultural project, the Confucious’Temple of Fuping county was also Feng Chi made this stone, later emperor Kangxi also wrote "the script with the teacher for all ages" plaque hanging in the Great Hall of the Confucious’ temple Confucius. From the point of view, the Qing Dynasty in China is less than a hundred years. But they learn to understand the Chinese culture, absorb acceptance, let us admire. It seems in the early Qing Dynasty nobility, not only know brave militant. Still very good at learning to absorb. This stone tablet unearthed in our Fuping Confucious’temple, also confirms the "Confucian thought" in the history of相关的主题文章: