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[experience] hotel romantic road without end "looks to keep the Whitehead" – Sohu and some boring nagging to Changbai Mountain is contrary to expectation that one night in September, in Thailand to accidentally turn to Changbai Mountain, Changbai Mountain is said to have a "stay & middot; to Baishan" legend. At that time saw the heart that excited ah, with Mr. L said, he wants to go to that place a promise to witness our love! So I secretly put this place on the agenda. Walk more and more places, so that his heart is less and less scenery, Changbai Mountain is the first to fall in love with. The hotel is already in the evening, the first glance here feel deja vu. In the early morning, the air is very fresh, the sunshine on the face, as if the time has stopped. The hotel near the charming scenery, eyeful of maple leaf like oil painting in general. This town is really surprised me, every sun to wake up in the morning, waiting for the sunset every evening, so I feel this simple happiness at your fingertips. After dinner, Mr. L just walked through a long corridor, standing at the window looking down, a misty place attracts us, Mr. L also said jokingly, that misty would you say a fairy appeared! This is the place we want to experience this evening, let me have some small excitement, here is like a secret garden in the field, soup can not only enjoy the flowers, also can see the surrounding mountains, excellent vision. There are many characteristics of the pool, the pool can swing swing swing while watching TV, enjoying the warm and cozy soup. This is a private L Mr. Tang Tian most love, Mr. L said here is away from the earth like the soup in a land of idyllic beauty, Tian River on the edge of the pool and listen to the sound of water, close your eyes and feel the nature has. Almost missed a little surprise, we see that a bit like cottage where well, soaks the hot spring to Mr. L said a little hungry found this snack booth, can eat a bowl of hot noodles, taste really good! You can also go to the roof of the rest area to enjoy the "list of small hills" feeling! Super great experience. Because the first day to Changbai Mountain do not want to let oneself too tired, in the hotel a day, sunshine, maple leaf, soup. If you like leisure and vacation, this is really a good choice, there are endless novelty and beauty. A romantic surprise to Mr. L know I love autumn maple leaves, Mr. L wants to give me good memories here, so Mr. L secretly contacted photography chose a simple white yarn, I was really touched by! Attached are two beautiful pictures. But you are making me laugh, let time freeze this moment to witness our love! The so-called fresh, not with the unknown people to do the same thing, but with the known people to experience the unknown life." To join hands with you to see the World Chapter相关的主题文章: