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Internet-and-Business-Online At our small business, Aaron Language Services, we are now focusing on making our site more user friendly. We want to attract more business and having a user friendly site will help. Web surfers, who are potential clients, will spend more time at our site if we can make their experience at our site better. Photos are one way to improve the surfing experience for our potential clients. As beautiful photos require more resources than we have, we are unable to take all the photos that we need. Flickr has the answer for us. We searched flickr using the Creative .mons search, but you can also go directly to the website. Regardless of which search method you select, be sure to check the right boxes so that you are searching for photos that you can use at your business site. The Creative .mons search page has two little boxes to check. If you are searching via flickr, use their advanced search page and check the boxes at the bottom of the page. We were searching for Japanese food. The flickr page provided us with 5,879 options and three ways to sort them. We selected "most interesting." Although many of the most interesting photos are .pletely irrelevant, we find this is the best way to find the very best pictures. We found a beautiful photo, Japanese cake by Kanko: a lovely pink cake sitting on an illustrated plate with a wooden Japanese lacquer fork. Before using any photos from flickr, you should both check the icons on the photo page and read the photographer’s profile page. If not, you may work with a flickr picture only to discover later that the photographer has two conflicting statements about the photo: use and don’t use. Double-checking first to avoid such a problem is far easier. Flickr has many photos; avoiding any potential trouble will reduce any future problems concerning the photos. Now that we have the picture, we decided to create a new page at our website about Japanese cake. A new page will provide more content for our guests, which encourages them to visit us. A new page also provides more volume for the search engines; hopefully this will improve our search engine rankings. We could not decide what to write on the page, and I was put in charge of this. I knew that more would .e to me if I thought about how to use this photo. I decided to let the photo bubble in my brain for a couple of days. In the future, when I make the page, I will need to add "by Kanko" to the page, providing a link to her at flickr. That should satisfy all the requirements for using the photo. I have located a special picture with limited output. For improving your website, which moves you closer to the top, we suggest that you try using flickr. You’ll find a tremendous variety of photos to enhance your site. This works exceedingly well for us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: