Grand Canyon Airplane – Very Best Labor Day Sightseeing

UnCategorized Labor Day is just around the corner and that means there isn’t much of summer left to boost your Grand Canyon airplane tour from Las Vegas to the beautiful South Rim. Since many people are using the holiday to squeeze in one last summer trip, the tours will sell out quickly. Las Vegas Heading from Vegas, travelers can take air tours that go to either the West Rim or the South Rim of the canyon on a tour plane. It takes about a half hour to fly from Vegas to the West Rim and around an hour to fly to the South Rim. You could drive from Vegas to the South Rim too, but that would take six hours on the road each way. There are two kinds of airplane tours. One tour stays in the air and the other lands at the canyon. Both will fly you above Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Colorado River, before flying over the canyon. The tours that are marked air only will only take you in a loop over the canyon, while a landing tour will let you explore it. If you’re on a budget, the air only tour is the least expensive choice. Landing tours give you a better experience of the canyon, and worth the extra money if you can afford it. One of the best is the flight from Vegas that lands at the West Rim. It’s exciting because you can upgrade the tour to include a helicopter descent to the bottom of the canyon and a boat ride along the Colorado River that wends it’s way along the base of the towering rock walls. You can also choose a plane tour that includes VIP passes to the world famous Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk is an immense glass bridge that you can walk on and stand 70 feet past the edge of the rim. You can see the canyon floor an amazing 4000 feet underneath you. This is a rush you won’t find anywhere else. South Rim Plane Tours The plane tour of the South Rim gives you about 45 minutes of flight time. The tour originates from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, which is situated in Tusayan, AZ. From there, you’ll head to the eastern boundary and then cross over the canyon, flying above the Northern Rim. Then you’ll head back to the South Rim and have witnessed 75% of the park after all is said and done. The airplane tours fly on sightseeing aircraft that carry as many as 19 people per tour. There are two FAA certified pilots on each plane to ensure a safe flight. The airplanes themselves are very .fortable. The cabin has a lot of room, the windows are large so you have good views, and the wings are out of view. This allows you to see the canyon in all of its breathtaking glory. Benefits Airplane tours follow the same paths that you take on a helicopter tour. The airplane tours cost less money, which is good for your budget, they carry more passengers, which is good if you have a large family, and they fly at a higher altitude than helicopters. If you’d rather fly with a smaller crowd, then you can take a similar tour on a chopper instead. Just note it will cost you about 50% more for the trip. Labor Day weekend is always one of the busiest times at the Grand Canyon. So, buy your tour as soon as you can, and you can buy it conveniently online. Don’t wait until the day you want to fly. If you can find open seats, you’ll have to pay more for them, but chances are the seats will all be gone. Conclusion Now that you know a little about Grand Canyon plane tours over Labor Day, it’s time to start planning your trip. Choose the rim you want to see and buy your tour as soon as you can. When you do it online and in advance, you’re guaranteed to have an experience you’ll never, without missing out on your air tours because you waited too long. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: