Guangdong Dahua breeze tenth beach game perfect ending yo te amo

Guangdong Dahua breeze tenth beach tournament ended in August of each year in Guangdong, there will be a breeze riders event, that is, Guangdong Dahua Landwind annual beach season, August 20th to August 21st, Guangdong Dahua breeze tenth beach tournament held in Guangdong China Wind led everyone fled the city, riding in the blue sky. On the Beach, experience the wonderful and exciting beach road. These two days of sunshine, beach, beautiful, blue sky, the roar of the engine sound. Every breeze riders colorful self driving trip! Since its inception in 2007, the beach tournament has been done this year for the 10 session. Such activities, in addition to the establishment of a good living habits of low carbon low in the owner, more to the beach as a car ride experience, feel the car across the sand when the fun, but also to experience the car in the soft sand control and resistance. The two day event, different experience for two days, a performance car, allowing the owners to enjoy the car and, this is the beach fun challenge and become a race cross-country driving activity where the traditional reason. In the face of the blue sea, silver yellow coastline, friends always can not withstand their temptation, wait on the beach!   the second day rally again at the beach, after verified by staff, the tenth beach cross-country Landwind fun challenge started, after the competition, 3 riders on the beach under the barrier surrounded the site easily under the deus ex medal! Even if the road ahead is difficult, I walked through the road, living out of the ordinary! Guangdong Dahua Sporting Club Hotel breeze tenth beach race ended, Guangdong Dahua auto Sporting Club Hotel was founded in 2003, the original intention is to construct the automobile club organized off-road activities, promote cross-country culture mainly for off-road vehicles and off-road sport in various forms of cultural exchange activities as a supplement, and hope that this is the link, drive off-road enthusiasts to promote individuality the challenge. Over the past ten years, the club adhering to the integration of the natural · care for social · feel the friendship · beyond the self, the purpose of countless times into Tibet, through the sea of death, Lop Nor, far to Mohe County…… With the club members all over the country every time the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, travel, don’t forget to bring a love.相关的主题文章: