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Guangdong, Tibet two provinces (regions) of road transportation assistance cooperation — Tibet channel — original title: Guangdong, Tibet two provinces (regions) of road transportation assistance cooperation for further implementing the several opinions of the Ministry of transport "on Tibet to further promote the scientific development of transportation" (pay plan 2014 143 No.), the day before, Xu Wenqiang deputy director of the office of the Tibet autonomous region transportation led expedition to Guangdong research exchanges, Guangdong, Tibet two provinces (regions) of road transportation assistance cooperation consultations, signed a cooperation agreement, discussed Guangdong Tibet road transport aid cooperation three years (2016-2018) action plan. According to the agreement, Guangdong, Tibet two provinces (area) Department of transportation will focus on promoting the healthy development of the theme of the road transport industry, two from the Tibet autonomous region, the establishment of the cooperative mechanism of three provincial Department of transportation, road transportation administration, the level of enterprises, mainly from the four aspects of personnel training, the funds, equipment and facilities, management, strengthen cooperation in five major areas of assistance. The best use of the existing foot Tibet policy countries, to establish and perfect the working mechanism of Tibet, Tibet, Tibet talent, through the economic and management science and technology Tibet Tibet, and strive to the end of 2018, to help Tibet to improve the transportation management level, strengthen the emergency response capability of road transportation safety, enhance the level of information service industry, promote the rapid and healthy development of the transportation industry in Tibet. During the investigation, two provinces (area) Department of transportation also around Internet plus convenient transportation "," Internet plus efficient logistics "two aspects, efforts to promote China east-west road transport, tourism transportation, intelligent transportation, new energy, new technology innovation and development of enterprise cooperation. The two sides had in-depth communication on relevant issues, agreed in late October, the Ministry of transport under the guidance by the transportation department of Guangdong Province, the Tibet Autonomous Region Department of transportation jointly organized the "2016 things" Chinese Internet plus transportation "innovation cooperation forum", invite Guangdong, Tibet two provinces (regions) road transport related industry associations and the "Internet plus transportation" enterprises go west line, to carry out the innovation and development of enterprises and the cooperation between the East and West investment activities, and jointly promote the sustainable development of road transportation in Tibet. (commissioning editor Wu Yuren and Yu Haizhou)相关的主题文章: