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Travel-and-Leisure Tourists sometimes visit a foreign country without doing much research and prefer to be left to figure out the best places to see. Other times, they enjoy being escorted around town and shown everything by a professional guide. There are so many things to take in within the city of Florence, Italy, and most of them pertain to the arts. This Renaissance-era city has been magnificently preserved and is one of the beloved destinations in the world. The best guided tours in Florence Italy allow visitors to see the premier historical and artistic areas. Professional tour guides take visitors on a journey through the intended destination, providing narration along the way. The guides have studied the arts and history of the region and are eager to relay this information to visitors. They can also give excellent re.mendations for dining and shopping excursions, if requested. A tour of this city is not considered .prehensive without the use of an experienced tour guide. A destination that draws over one million visitors each year is the Uffizi Gallery. Constructed in 1581, the Gallery is magnificent in its own right and is the main art museum in this town. It is home to a collection of paintings spanning the year 1200 to present. Tourists can wander the 45 rooms within the building and view artistic masterpieces on canvas, as well as statues. A lover of the arts should make a point to visit the Uffizi Gallery with a licensed tour guide. Michelangelo is the main theme of the Academy Of Fine Arts, built in the year 1563. Once known as the Arts of Drawing Academy and related .pany, it holds a small collection of the work from this artist. The famous sculpture, David, has resided at the Academy since the year 1873. The work of other artists such as Ghirlandaio, del Sarto, Uccello, and Botticelli are also showcased. In addition, High Renaissance pieces and paintings of the Florentine Gothic variety can be found. Visitors who desire a general overview of the city should take a tour of its center because this will reveal additional locations to explore. There are palaces, the Medieval towers, and the Duomo .plex as well as sculptures and frescos located throughout the town. Having a maximum of 15 visitors in the tour group allows the guide to answer relevant questions and linger at the most breathtaking spots. Guided tours in Florence Italy make the traveling experience to this magnificent city .plete. Professional guides take groups to places such as the Academy of Fine Arts, Uffizi Gallery, and city center. There they will look upon the artistic masterpieces that made this city a premier tourist destination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: