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Hardenve led the same Shaodan nuclear all of them under Durant’s November 17th live video rocket VS thunder thunder can check the former brother again defeats Wei Shaodou harden Durant Tencent sports news November 17th (with Calvin Watkins ESPN writer) rocket today away to return to Oklahoma City Thunder, harden, and Wei less fight again. Now it seems that the former thunder three, Wei harden and less of a similar situation two. From the play, harden and Wei two players is less distinct, but two people are the same. Harden was traded by thunder, joined the Rockets, and later teamed up with Howard. This summer, Howard, harden became superstars only rockets. But the thunder never thought simply around the Wei team but also in neurosurgery, this past summer, Durant suddenly announced to the warriors. Little Wei lost the best partner, only one person to carry the banner of thunder. So, Wei Shaodou harden and opened a single core mode, become the only player in their team sign. It may make them better or worse. But both Harden and Wei, have accepted the challenge, and strive to enhance their leadership skills. "There is no doubt that I play to help the team and learn to be a better leader." Harden said, "I want to unite all people, and strive to achieve a common goal. Whether it’s a superstar or not, we have to make sure everyone in the team is working together." The Rockets lost Howard this summer, the team around harden construction team, continuous signed Anderson and Gordon. I hope harden teammates can make different sounds, this is a sign of his leadership progress. In the previous season, whenever the Rockets problems, Howard will remain silent, the team does not like him to do so. And now, to encourage players to harden to speak, which can make the team better. "If the team has more than one leader, it’s not a problem for me." Harden said, the most critical thing is that all people want to go to a place to make a common goal. Everyone can be a leader, everyone can tell the different views, and then put into action to prove that you are a true leader, rather than a." The same as harden, in Durant’s departure, only become less Wei thunder player facade. "I like to win." Wei Min said, "only to win more games, I feel more comfortable. I’m the only one who can make my teammates better and become better leaders." "Communication is very important, not only for me, but for the whole team." Wei Min continued, I will pay attention to everything, whether the team members to participate in the game, whether they are ready. I’m not just worried about myself, I’m worried about everyone, I hope they’re ready to play and know what’s going to happen." Harden and Wei few have one thing in common is that they are not satisfied with Durant. Wei Min, of course, will not be pleased with Durant’s departure from the thunder, he did not even get the last chance to persuade him. Harden is not happy, because even to meet Durant has no chance to houston. In)相关的主题文章: