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Self-Improvement Has the relationship lost the spark? Are you starting to think that maybe she just isn’t into you anymore? Does your partner wake up in the mornings, roll over towards you in bed only to quickly roll back again with a look of horror on her face? Does she complain that you are a slob, slothful and just downright lazy! Umm – then maybe she’s giving you the hint its time to get your act together and give yourself a good honest appraisal. If so, then its time to front up so check out the list below on how give yourself a good going over. Let’s just call it your certificate of fitness. Be honest with yourself though as your relationship may depend on this evaluation. A word of warning, this task is not for the faint-hearted. First of all stand in front of a full length mirror with no clothes on (I did warn that this would not be easy for the faint-hearted). Are you happy with how you look? Would your partner be proud of you? If the answer is no, then perhaps this is the time to go and get that gym membership (and use it). Now get dressed. Take another good look in the mirror again. What are you wearing? Is it clean, tidy and presentable and or does the word slob come to mind. Maybe its now a good time to give your wardrobe some much needed attention. Get a haircut, clean yourself up and make an effort to look your best. Now you will experience the pleasure of your lady turning over to you in the mornings and greeting you with desire instead of displeasure. Look at your diet – have you been feasting on junk food and takeaways? This might be a good time to start eating a well balanced healthy diet and lose a few pounds in the process. Of course sweating off the pounds in a gym is a waste of time if you just pile the hamburgers back in again. Doing this will take guts but if you want the body you can be proud of and change her disinterest into passion…Well, You do the math! Last but not least on the list is – manners. Yes even in these modern times manners are still important. Believe it or not but women do not find burping, farting and belching cute or a turn on! So leave those bodily functions to the privacy of the bathroom or someplace more discreet. Has the relationship lost the spark? Well, maybe, but do yourself a big favour and take this opportunity to give yourself an honest assessment and put these changes into place, then get ready to be absolutely stunned by her response. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: