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Health Hemorrhoid symptoms are caused by hemorrhoids prolapse or protrusion from the anus of the hemorrhoid, through infringement of nodes and through their inflammation. The main hemorrhoid symptoms are protrusion or prolapse of nodes and release of blood in stool. Intestinal bleeding (blood scarlet), which can be quite small (smaller droplets), and can be very strong, these are the .mon symptom of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids symptoms which, in most cases are associated with the act of bowel movements, and may be ac.panied by a feeling of fullness, by anal itching is often caused by bleeding. Symptoms of hemorrhoids are amplified in the use of spicy foods, and heavy exercise or strenuous activity. Profuse bleeding can sometimes lead to severe anemia. It should be remembered that the bleeding may be due to secondary piles (eg, tumors, etc.). It must be said that the symptoms of hemorrhoids do not carry always classic character: in case of the very neglected forms of the disease, bleeding (often excessive) can occur regardless of stool; protrusion of hemorrhoids is not always ac.panied by bleeding. Depending on the state of altered cells of the corpora cavernosa (hemorrhoids), and the state of fibro-muscular frame, it can divided into four stages of chronic hemorrhoids, each stage is characterized by its symptoms. The Different Stages Of Hemorrhoid Development Hemorrhoids symptoms in first stage of the disease development Hemorrhoids nodes are already formed and act in the lumen of the colon. Symptoms of hemorrhoids are ambiguous: itching around the anus, there may be a feeling of in.plete emptying of the bowel may bloating. At this stage, during defecation, may occur a slight bleeding (blood crimson color). These symptoms of hemorrhoids are fairly general (characteristic not only for hemorrhoids), and to diagnose them is quit difficult. Hemorrhoids symptoms in second stage of the disease development Hemorrhoids are extruded from the anus during defecation, but then themselves being drawn back. .mon symptoms of hemorrhoids that are characteristic for this stage: in case of defecation or without it (eg, intense physical activity) may appear bleeding, there may also occur itching in the anus, pain. Hemorrhoids symptoms of the third stage of the disease development Hemorrhoids drop out due to the stool. Back on their own they are not drawn. At the anus a strong burning sensation, pain. These symptoms of hemorrhoids can be constant or occur intermittently. Hemorrhoids symptoms fourth stage of the disease development Hemorrhoids fall at the slightest stress (coughing, sneezing) and straighten them back you can not (they do not hold back and protrude), the anus is opened, the sphincter muscles are weakened, due to discharge from the anus may damage the skin around the anus. Hemorrhoids symptoms that are similar to the above may only be treated surgically. At this stage, need urgent medical care. Knowing the hemorrhoid symptoms will help you determine the disease at early stages of its development and eventually it will help you avoid many .plications related to the disease. Remember that in case of severe symptoms, you should immediately contact your doctor to not to lose the opportunity of timely treatment. About the Author: – – The best start to blocking hair thinning is knowing the fundamentals of hair: what it truly is, the way it grows, what process malfunctions can result in it to stop increasing. – – – – – Losing weight is not instantaneous, as if you wanted on a magic lamp. While we live in a culture where we expect fast results, like convenience food that’s ready in five minutes, losing 10 pounds does not fit in this classification. Prio … – – – 相关的主题文章: