Henan dig bird case, the family’s complaint was dismissed as a case of bribery investigators e3300

Henan "birds" case of families had surrendered said the complaint was dismissed Beijing bribery investigators – aroused widespread concern, Henan Yan Xiaotian birds for college students "case and new progress. In September 26th, the people’s Procuratorate of Xinxiang City, Henan Province, after examination that, Huixian court, Xinxiang intermediate people’s court ruled that the criminal facts are clear, there is ample evidence, appropriate treatment, Yan Aimin the reason not established, does not meet the conditions of the filing review. Yan Aimin said it would continue to appeal to the Henan Provincial People’s Procuratorate, will continue to follow the legal process". College students hunting hobby belongs to two class protection animal jailed for 10 and a half years Yan Xiaotian is Zhengzhou a student of Career Academy, the verdict showed that in July 2014, he and friends in the Village Township earthen hometown Huixian city Wang Yajun in the village of a tree forest hunting hobby 12. In the process of feeding a escape, one death. He will be released through the network to sell the rest of a hobby. They were in the woods and hunting 4 Falconiformes and Strigiformes chlorocyphidae animal, then, two people Huixian Forest Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. Huixian City, Henan province people’s Court of first instance to Yan Xiaotian guilty of illegal hunting of rare and endangered wild animal crime, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, fined 5000 yuan; guilty of illegal acquisition of rare and endangered wild animal crime, sentenced to 1 years imprisonment, fined 5000 yuan; punishment, combined sentence of imprisonment for 11 years, decided to implement the imprisonment of 10 years and 6 months, fined 10 thousand yuan. Wang Yajun guilty of illegal hunting of rare and endangered wild animal crime, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, fined 5000 yuan. After the Henan Xinxiang intermediate people’s Court of second instance upheld. Two after the verdict, the father of Yan Yan Xiaotian Edmonton refuses to accept, and to "Yan Xiaotian without premeditated crime, no criminal motive, subjective not hunting falcon is a national protected animal, and found the number of hunt birds for 16 lack of evidence, the identification results wrong, should not be a hobby, heavy punishment" on the grounds that appeal to the court of Xinxiang, by the Xinxiang intermediate people’s court. The family had surrendered to the prosecutors said bribery investigators were dismissed in the retrial request, the afternoon of May 10th this year, Yan Aimin and another was sentenced to young Wang Yajun’s father Wang Bujing, active to Xinxiang City, Henan province procuratorate surrendered, said they had to Huixian city public prosecution in the case handling personnel bribery law. What time for yourself to whom bribery, bribery amount of reason and other issues, Yan Aimin said, since 2014, his son Yan Xiaotian because birds are caught until after being sentenced, he and Wang Bujing once again to the Huixian city public security departments handling personnel or leadership money, shopping card, the amount from tens of thousands to hundreds of these. Money is he with the king Bujing two together together, about 9 of the total number of times. Yan Aimin believes that the court finds the location of the bird and dig out the number of birds and the facts do not match. Investigators have not even been to the scene of the crime. The number of families of birds also have opinions, the verdict, Yan Xiaotian and Wang Yajun hunt 12 Falconiformes, escape 1, dead 1, the remaining 10, 7 sold to Zhengzhou, 1 sold to a man named Rong Jie? There are 2 people, sold only to the column相关的主题文章: