Holographic Lamination Film-new Age Protection Gear-candle june

Business Lamination is a familiar word for us, for ages we have done lamination in order to protect a wide array of our tangible valuable items. Lamination is generally done on documents. Hologram lamination films are new age lamination films that serve two purpose-they act as a protective gear and add to the appeal of the packaging of the product. Book publishing industry is one of the primary sectors that resorts to the use of lamination films. Hardback and soft cover books have laminated bindings to preserve the cover. Public library books are also laminated since they change several hands. Identification cards, club membership cards and even some credit cards are laminated. Lamination is done on every product that is meant for constant use. Marketing Collateral is also an aspect covered by lamination, signs and banners are also laminated for durability and better display. The hologram braced lamination films are strong, this elongates the shelf life of the product. Lamination films are always transparent, the new age films are braced with several designs and this does away with the dullness of the film. In earlier times the lamination films were a plain jane product, but now several stock pattern designs can be incorporated in the films. Brand protection and security is a default feature that is always available with every holographic product and both of these features are available with hologram braced lamination films . Various types of security features can be incorporated with the lamination films in order to make them an effective tool against counterfeiting. The security feature can be in the form of the brand logo or some trademark designs that can be put on the film. It is imperative to realise that lamination is done on tangible goods Holographic lamination films are made from PET, BOPP and PVC. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: