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Hong Xiuzhu in "Xi Hong" the number of travel or finalize the televised Sohu military channel map information: October 24th the first party chairman Hong Xiuzhu pay NT $200 thousand, stressed that "to save his own party". Observer network integrated: "Xi Hong" coming soon, according to Taiwan media reported on October 26th, the two sides plan to have 7 people attended the meeting, there will be a party chairman Hong Xiuzhu, vice chairman Zhan Qixian, policy executive Cai Zhengyuan 7 kuomintang. According to reports, the cross-strait peace development forum "will be held on November 2nd to 3 held in Beijing, the KMT Chairman Hong Xiuzhu will attend, and became the focus of attention of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping and Hong Xiuzhu’s" Xi Hong ", will be held on November 1st at the Great Hall of the people held in Beijing. According to the preliminary plan, the 7 sides of the meeting of the 7 people, the KMT side for Hong Xiuzhu, vice chairman of the party, the policy will be the chief executive officer of the mainland, such as the director of the Ministry of affairs, such as Huang Qingxian, the other 7 people, such as the people of the world, such as the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the Ministry of finance, the chief executive officer of the policy, the chief executive officer of the Ministry of land affairs, such as. Taiwan media reported that the KMT hopes "Xi Chuan Hong" throughout the open media broadcast, but the Kuomintang would not confirm. Cross strait forum sponsored by Taiwan this year, the Taiwan Federation of trade unions, Taiwan farmers association, twenty-first Century foundation, youth development foundation, national policy research fund of more than 10 units to participate in. Taiwan media reported that, according to the plan, CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng will be at the forum held in November 2nd, met with a delegation led by Kuomintang vice president Zhan Qixian. Then held a forum opening ceremony, welcoming the two sides organizers after the State Council Taiwan affairs office director Zhang Zhijun speech, then Zhan Qixian to guest speech. According to reports, the forum will be divided into 5 issues in 5 areas, including political mutual trust and interaction, the new economic development and cross-strait cooperation, deepen cross-strait exchanges, cultural heritage and innovation of people on both sides of the "youth and explore a new vision and open up new prospects". Reported that the evening of November 2nd, at the end of the forum, the Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun dinner guests; the Kuomintang party sources said, Hong Xiuzhu will not attend the opening ceremony of the forum and dinner on both sides, the plan only to attend the 2 forum activities. On November 3rd to noon, the end of the 1 days of the activities of the forum, the afternoon visit to the capital museum. According to Taiwan media news, on October 30th, Hong Xiuzhu led a delegation to the mainland to visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, October 31st in Nanjing, then flew to Beijing in November 1st, and the general secretary Xi Jinping met in November 2, 3 days in cross strait forum. The KMT vice chairman Wang Hongwei will arrange by Interfax, as cross-strait forum delegation spokesman. Today (26) morning, the Taiwan Affairs Office held a regular press conference, when asked by reporters about "Xi Hong" situation, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman said Ann Fengshan, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party in recent years has been to maintain high-level interaction, and to promote the path of peaceful development of cross-strait relations has made a positive contribution. He also said that in the current situation of cross-strait relations, KMT leaders meeting, will continue to maintain a bipartisan high-level interaction, consolidate the common political basis, to maintain cross-strait relations.相关的主题文章: