Hoping to impress Conti Arsenal Jung in my heart to my main small method-nibbuns

Cesc: hoping to impress Conti for my main Arsenal will always be in my heart in small sina sports while waiting for a chance in the Carling Cup and scored two goals for Leicester City, but the small law can recapture the main force in Chelsea is still unknown. Coach Conti seems to be particularly stubborn in coaching career, will not easily change the lineup. In this regard, a small law said, you need to adapt, but also will strive to let Conti "eyes". "I have been working, has been," the 29 – year-old said, "I have been training very hard, in my occupation career in the past 13 years, I have been for the club and the national team to play the main force, the (bench) is a new situation." Hard training "is indeed very difficult, I will not deny it, but I won’t complain or give up power, my heart is stronger than ever before, during the training, I feel like a child, to win their own position, as I was 16 years old when A Senna. I hope I can succeed this time, in addition to the family, football is my everything, has always been like this." "You have to accept the reality, you have to be professional, you have to be right. My teammates are worthy of respect, the coach is worthy of respect, I know he wants to win, if he does not have me, there is always a reason." Conti wants full midfielder "wish I could let Conti opened his eyes and let him see the appearance I deserve (Hopefully I can open his eyes and make him see that I deserve to play), I don’t deny that I want to play every minute, which is why I try, but coach selection starting 11 he selected, heart think the most likely to win the game lineup, this is. Whether I’m in the first round, I will support the team, and when I play, I will try to do, like the last few weeks." Cesc also analyzed Conti’s use of midfield players. "He talked to me a few times, and he wants the midfield players to be all right and strong. If you analyze my characteristics, I may be more like an organizer, to create the opportunity to move forward, he wanted me to be more stable and powerful in the defense." "To Matic, to the contrary, Conti wanted to make him better on offense, as well as Oscar, and so on, and he would Polish us in every possible way, as far as possible to do the best of the best."." The year under Wenger Arsenal Jung in my heart this Saturday, Chelsea will clash in the Premier League and Arsenal, the old club, a small law said: "Arsenal play for me is always a special game, Arsenal gave me everything, until death I would say they will always be in my heart." (Xiang Feng)相关的主题文章: