How many wow and Yang Yongxin Inventory of the real world game ghost observer

How many WOW and Yang Yongxin? Check the impact of the real world game while the game world is virtual, but it is connected to our real life, some impact on the rest of the people, some is brought about by the development of the industry, some people’s life…… There is no denying that the game has really affected our real world. Let’s look at the games that have affected our real world today. In 2004 1, World of Warcraft American blizzard company issued a "World of Warcraft" created the RPG historical legend, is this very overwhelmed with admiration for masterpiece, so that many young people become teenage parents in the eyes of the "Internet addiction". When mentioning the name Yang Yongxin you may feel strange, but if you mention the "Yang beast", presumably electroshock therapy must be thinking of "frightful to the ear". Once the title of his CCTV reported: "who put the genius into" Warcraft ", in the opinion of Professor Yang", to "World of Warcraft" as the representative of the online games, on a number of young minds in his opinion, addicted to online games, is "sick" — "no instrument, you have Internet addiction, addiction (shock) uncomfortable." This event has become a major event in the history of Warcraft in china. Finally, the Ministry of health in order to do so, this "shock treatment of addiction" to "end the farce". Spoof WOW Yang Yongxin 2 Pokemon Go shock treatment of addiction, Nintendo cattle B lies in: twenty years ago, he can put you in the house; twenty years later, he still can be an easy job to do your "drive out". "Pokemon Go" of the game to break the routine, not rigidly adhere to the indoor and outdoor locations through the GPS positioning function randomly placed near the "forced" game player, game player to outdoor, outdoor locations to explore, to "walk" and "catch the spirit" two. Hot summer, even if the streets of the beautiful women wearing cool sexy, but also arrived next to refresh the Jeni turtle has been the temptation of players. Although the game in the Chinese on-line program has been shelved, but shortly after the game on the China, on the line, it’s believed that the occupation of the square of the park square dance aunt who will usher in a dominant position in jeopardy, may also is the wave of people taking to the streets to catch the spirit. Pokemon Go 3, Warcraft filed a "SKY" "Moon" "Grubby" for having heard it many times name, the first time we will certainly think of Blizzard’s another masterpiece "Warcraft", World of Warcraft said that if the long dominant in the field of RPG, then Warcraft in a real-time strategy game is a milepost type exists. In Warcraft, games in double confrontation form, through the operation of the keyboard and mouse to control all enemy units attack the enemy, this is the embryonic form of games now. In 2005 and 2006, the "King" SKY WCG won two consecutive titles at that time is to bring hope China competition power, with the domestic economy picks up, the China gaming industry was a change in the low.相关的主题文章: