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How much do you know Home Furnishing feng shui ornaments layout? [introduction] Home Furnishing Chu Home Furnishing in Feng Shui layout through a little adjustment and change, can make you more successful. First of all, let us start from the living room feng shui ornaments. If the living room of the aquarium is more spacious, it is recommended that you can put a fish tank, fish tank is added as a wealth of Feng Shui display. What kind of fish farming is also very good oh. If one want to Wangcai, goldfish, Koi and other rich in color. Fish also block the evil, so is to be used to block the evil, the best selection of black peony, black Morrison these colors belong to black varieties. The fish tank placed mainly can promote Wangcai, popularity, all kinds of bad luck away. Money money is meant in rats, therefore also has the income effect, all business people, mostly a money were placed in the room, so that Wangcai defends. In fact, the money were placed in the home of another auspicious meaning, that is the children. Because the mouse’s breeding ability is very strong, therefore, the people who want to get the offspring will also be placed in the home money mouse. After all, in ancient times, pay attention to more children. If it is the five line with God for the water, then put the most suitable for money mouse. Brave brave have no anus, big belly can hold, so always be people become the money bag, only not spit money hoard money. And brave is a benevolent, so there will be placed in the home of the evil effect. Eight directions in the home can be placed, although the main dance wealth, but also has some utility for money. In the purchase must choose the best dance, the day of the opening. The average family is placed copper brave, but the best jade Pixiu utility. However, for people who commit crimes, brave is not valid. In fact, the living room decoration, art layout, elegant, or simple, if you want to display art, it is best to research the art of wood carving, bamboo, ornaments. What crystal carving, carving drilling, too dazzling, placed in the living room but let people uneasy, guest no easy means, it may lose popularity and elegant. Therefore, the living room of the art to simple, and the number should not be more. Bonsai living room to display the above furnishings, in fact, can also add a few pots of bonsai is also good, although the fish in the aquarium to add a lot of angry at home, but the meaning of the green bonsai more oh. For example, the Chinese new year, every family’s love put orchid, meaning rich, is a good choice oh bonsai. Of course, the evergreen, a town house effect oh. But the living room is not suitable for food placed cusped plants, such as peach, Peach Blossom Spring Festival love to buy people, should pay attention to the leaves fall from the break, so many, should not be placed in the room. In addition, there are a lot of people like azalea, Rhododendron, but not suitable for display in the living room.相关的主题文章: