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Dating I know that there are men that dont just know how to attract hot and beautiful ladies. My advice to them is to keep reading this article. And the second categories of men are the one that have attracted a young and hot lady but just dont know how to keep going with her. When you successfully hook up with hot girls, the next problem you be facing is how to keep her and never make her boring. Some men lose their girls because they fail to keep the fun going and the lady just cant enjoy the relationship again and decided to leave. So, how will you keep hot girls forever and make her never to think of living you. The first thing I will discuss in this article is how to attract hot girls first if you know that you want to date a beautiful girl, and then you yourself need to be attractive. Let me tell you something that is a bit harsh. Millions of average looking guys moves around without being notice by anybody. Your physical appearance will show if you are going to attract anybody. Some men cannot even attract average looking girls with the way they dress and walk not to talk of attracting hot and beautiful girl. To cause instant attraction, your physical appearance matters a lot. Some men will walk up to girl to talk to her and the girl will leave immediately without allowing him to talk. Why? Because she cant see anything in him that attracts her, you need to care about your skin by talking your bath regularly. Use good cram to rob your skin and always use good scent. Dress attractive by putting on clothes that fit your body shape. You also need top pay attention to the way you take your legs one after the other. All these minor things attract hot girls like a charm. When you get attracted to her the next question is how to keep her enjoy your relationship? Competition, hot girls like competitions a lot. To them competition helps in bringing out the best in them. How will you cause that competition to happen? Date many girls. When you pretend as if you dont care that much for her, she will begin to work in order to keep you from every other lady. She will want to display the best in her to let you know that she is hot. Do you want to know more on how to let hot and beautiful girls enjoy you forever click here for gist that will blow your mind away? Do you know that you can date any hot girls if you understand her body language, read Tao of Badass to learn body language in dating? For more information on how to date hot and beautiful girls, go to .tinyurl../lqjcd5q 相关的主题文章: