How To Choose Between The Different Pat Courses Available In The

Careers-Employment A lot of people are surprised that whilst the Health and Safety at Work Act, as well as the Electricity at Work Regulations, both state unequivocally that in order to carry out any electrical work, whether that is a fresh installation, maintenance or an extension of an existing electrical system, when it .es to PAT testing there is no one official qualification needed. However, that is not to suggest that in order to carry out PAT testing no qualification is needed. It is simply that there is no one qualification which is required by either insurance .panies or official bodies. This can make it a little difficult for people who are looking at PAT courses, especially when there is such a variety to choose from. .pleting a PAT course and gaining a recognised qualification or certification in PAT testing is certainly an advantage, and not just for those people working as an electrician. Whilst electricians will certainly wish to undergo appropriate PAT testing courses, many people undergo PAT training in order simply to set up their own PAT testing business. Additionally many .anisations such as educational establishments and small businesses find that it is more convenient and in the long term more affordable to have an elected member of staff attend a PAT course and gain the practical experience and certification which enables them to be able to carry out the electrical safety testing across the business rather than having to pay an external professional to carry out the testing on an annual basis. When choosing between the various PAT courses available it will be important to decide whether practical experience is going to be necessary. For those with a great deal of electrical experience, perhaps who already have both practical experience within the electrical industry and other qualifications, a short, one day PAT course may well be all that is necessary. But for many people approaching PAT testing for the first time, perhaps with little or no other electrical experience or qualifications, a PAT course which involves practical experience will certainly be of great benefit. Most of the exams at the end of PAT courses, such as a City and Guilds PAT Testing 2377-10 course, will include a written assessment at the end, but clearly there is no alternative to practical experience as well. For those people who are looking at setting up their own PAT testing business then it will be necessary to have a more in-depth PAT course, usually at least three days, leading to the City and Guilds PAT Testing 2377-20 qualification or equivalent. Not only does this include a great deal of practical experience, but it also involves business knowledge as well, which is something obviously not covered in other courses. So whilst there is no single official qualification, when looking at PAT courses it is certainly advisable to consider a course which leads either to the City and Guilds 2377-10 or City and Guilds 2377-20 qualifications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: