IMAX also wants to build a VR movie theater. Is it really good to see a movie in there (video)-melia kreiling

IMAX also wants to build a VR movie theater. Is it really good to see a movie in there? Text VR dimensional sun in October 11th, IMAX has reached a cooperation with Europe’s largest cinema chain, will be in the end of the year to build a VR center in Manchester. The VR center will allow users to play games, watch movies, interact with virtual reality through experience. There is no doubt that VR has become the most popular technology trends in 2016, Samsung, Google (micro-blog), Facebook, SONY, HTC and other giants want from the VR field of a share, while VR cinema became many companies through a point VR to change the world. In March this year, the first permanent VR cinema opened in Amsterdam, after which Berlin opened a. London, Paris and Madrid will soon set up the cinema. But now, Toronto is taking action. North America’s first VR theater Vivid VR in July this year to September launched a number of games to watch. The completion of a series of VR theaters, but also declared their era has finally arrived. VR cinema will bring to the user? In a regular movie theater, you eat a lot of popcorn and laugh with the rest of the audience. But VR cinema is a very personal experience. You have to wear a Samsung VR helmet and headphones, and you sit in a chair with someone else, so that you can be fully immersed in the viewing experience, without interference from others. This is a full range of experience, providing a 360 degree video and narrative. This means that you can watch the same movie many times, each time you have a different experience. It also means that everyone has a chance to watch movies in their own way. VR cinema has another advantage: everyone can adjust the focal length according to their own vision. Do not need to wear myopia glasses. In this world, everyone has 2020 vision. The short film you saw was created and produced by the leading VR studio. They combine the VR technology and the story line, so you have the opportunity to experience the protagonist’s success and plight. Or it can take you to a very real place and make you feel like it’s really there. The media who visited the Berlin VR cinema, a detailed record of his feelings: VR cinema in Berlin which is located in some position beyond all expectations, Germany before the mint, where there is now a famous photographer and an art studio, porn party night club. For such a place will become a tourist attraction, the old factory itself is not too attractive — if it is not a sign of any cinema, I will never find such a place through a large courtyard, after some trash into a dark mottled paint between the stairs. However, the underground entertainment and industrial environment has a very "Berlin", so I did not feel shocked, a huge space looks like a typical theatre hall – just hanging from the ceiling in the flash disco ball, and is open, only to see behind the snack counter, there are 3 "conductor" knock in notebook computer. My boyfriend and I bought a beer. Beer is allowed in German cinema, so many people!相关的主题文章: