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In August the town of Mudu, let the heart soft place in Jiangnan Tourism – Sohu is too much, too similar, small bridges, gray tiles and white walls, boat leisurely, smoke. Mudu, a 2000 history of the town, because of a chance, let me meet you, make me into a thousand years of dreams. Flyfox, Nagoya Street Xiangxi, full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting gives me good enjoyment, let the heart the softest place. The met the beautiful, I will treasure…… Mudu, alias Du Sichuan, said Xu Jiang, xiangxi. According to legend, the late spring and Autumn period, Wu Yue disputes, Yue Goujian was defeated, "notorious", offering to the king of Wu Shi beauty. King Wu pet beauty, specially built for her in the Palace Museum is her elegant purple mountain in Lingyan hill, built by Suzhou Taiwan, "three years of poly material, five years is a" pour wood blocking the mountain ditch the river port, "cork in Mudu ditch", the name of it the resulting. The town is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City West, located in the Taihu River, known as "Wu first town" and "show the vast crown Jiangnan" reputation. She has a long history, is the city of Suzhou age culture town, far more than 2500 years of history, is the emperor Qian Long Jiangnan six times must land. Mudu Han culture of the building, all over the places of historic interest and scenic beauty, landscape culture, religious culture and folk culture have different characteristics. The town layout is simple, if the distribution of road, a main road is something lying. We walked along the road will be able to meet the monuments. The ancient town and not tickets, only a few old gardens need tickets, tickets, including Yan Family’s garden room, her drink mountain pines Park, Bangyan now is not to be, of course, have to go in to see, according to the individual. Her drink mountain room, Qianlong’s southern tour, six South, six times to have to drink mountain Mudu, the rainbow room, the local habit called Han long folk palace. The architectural style of Jiangnan literati garden and beautiful Rong Li northern Royal Garden as a whole, by the beautiful wild garden and small hidden garden two garden together into the Ming dynasty. In two the Central Park is welcome among hospitality hall, so dignified, rigorous layout, from south to north, respectively is the entrance hall, dance hall, the stage of building color. It is a private garden show long, and the atmosphere of the Royal Garden, she was bright, fine and orderly, neat king, said miao. The moon has a temple wall, eye-catching apricot yellow in numerous white walls and black tiles, curled beneath the smoke, people feel a kind of religious atmosphere, with solemn worship. Yan Family’s garden, is a house gardens, also known as envy Park, is extremely complex, covers an area of small, scenic spot has seasons, king, changing, reflecting the garden the exquisite art of gardening. Qianlong Pro Royal pier, good chic marina, from here on, along the Xiangxi, from west to east town scenery appreciation. Sitting on the boat rowed, listening to the sister singing Jiangnan minor, through the bridge line, still do not have the charm! Compared with some other town in the south, Mudu town water to clean a lot of Xiangxi, boating in this river, it is very pleasant. Walk in Mudu ancient houses.相关的主题文章: