In the group of 2 billion 600 million in rural drow Wei Ren will drow chief strategy officer

In the group of 2 billion 600 million in rural drow Wei Ren will drow chief strategy officer 28 noon, zall group (02098.HK) announced that intends to 2 billion 600 million dollars to acquire 60.49% stake in the network to become the middle peasants, middle peasants net controlling shareholder. The white middle net, zall group will be formed qianyiji B2B electricity supplier trading capacity, the scale into the national top ten Internet companies. In April this year, the former Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe served as independent director of drow group, the acquisition is foreshadowed. The Wei Zhe is unexpected, independent directors just a few months time, zall group has a qualitative change, the first is to become the Lanting Pavilion the cardinality of the first major shareholders, to build the country’s first O2O foreign trade integration after mergers and acquisitions business platform, harvest gold clothing and other drow established financial group, set up the drow intelligent trading innovation works hand in hand the fund industry, initially completed the transition from the traditional line to the wholesale market of electronic commerce, intelligent business ecosystem has begun to take shape. Wei Zhe said, in spite of the Alibaba during his tenure, the Alibaba made the largest electricity supplier B2B, but it is mainly based on information, trading subsidiary, even in some transactions, can not be completely involved in agricultural products to logistics and finance is highly dependent on the variety. In the past five years, the middle peasants do net agricultural products B2B business is the first, "at least sugar is way ahead in the match, at least three Chinese sugar in a mouth is through the middle network transactions, turnover, delivery, delivery. Over the past few years, the rural network is over reliance on a single species, to achieve a breakthrough in the field of cocoon silk, eucalyptus, fruit plate". In 2015, the middle peasants net annual turnover exceeded 100 billion, to achieve the main business income of 12 billion 700 million yuan, agricultural cash settlement amount of more than 4 million tons, the supply chain finance funds amounted to 7 billion yuan. Wei Zhe in accept the first financial reporter pointed out that in the trade of agricultural products, zall group represented by the cotton, also has a good foundation and try, "I immediately think casaarte fund investment in agricultural products, in 2011 after entering the casaarte fund, also made the transformation of business model to the Internet". It is reported that after the completion of the acquisition, Wei Zhe will by the independent directors zall group transferred to the executive director and chief strategy officer, and continue to serve as chairman of the rural network. The original rural network main base in Guangxi, Yunnan, trading system in Shenzhen, and the drow cooperation, will form a new agricultural trading center in Wuhan zall stronghold of Hubei agricultural products, new varieties of gathering, promote the trade of agricultural products in Hubei. So far, zall group has formed 9 major trading and service platform: a comprehensive electricity trading platform to buy zall as the core; the middle peasants network and other three vertical business platform; Lanting Pavilion set as potential cross-border electricity trading platform; Zhuo, Zhuo Hui, is set to send clothing clothing, Scarlett Zhuojin pomegranate were provided for the industrial chain, logistics warehousing, financial services, which is to build the Internet industry Zhuoer trading and service system Chinese the largest.相关的主题文章: