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In the United States are not popular in the new GL8 upgrade to grab Japanese jobs? – Sohu November 5th, SAIC GM Buick new generation GL8 officially listed, priced at 289 thousand and 900 yuan. The new generation of GL8 is equipped with a 2.0T engine, and can be said to be all renewed, and the price of the previous 2.4L deluxe edition models entry price unchanged, at the same time, this also launched a Avenir version, priced at 449 thousand and 900 yuan, is taking the exclusive high-end service way. In addition to competitive entry models of Odyssey and Aili gentry, including some seven SUV, while the top price is marked on the two person previa and imported MPV. You may not believe that such a hang in China, Buick’s target market segments of the king, but did not sell in their home! This is what the reason, we will talk about this new GL8. In the field of MPV how to summon wind and call for rain in the domestic business GL8 brand home market? No! The! Sell! That is, in the United States there is no local market Buick GL8 this car. Although there is no GL8 this car, but its sister model is still there, but now is the case. After three generations of China [GL8] become special for the 1996 launch of Chevrolet Venture can be said to be the prototype of the GL8 car, over the same period, two Oldsmobile Pontiac Montana Silhouette is the sister model for standard. To say the biggest domestic with the relationship between GL8 or Buick Terraza models, but also the market later than domestic GL8. These models are under the pressure of the Japanese series, sales bleak, without exception, did not escape the fate of the cut-off. [general MPV sales in the United States dismal] compared to commercial MPV, Americans seem to prefer pickup and SUV. In China market, although compared to the overall demand amount of MPV and not with SUV and other popular models, but the competition is very limited, in addition to the Honda Odyssey and Aili gentry, other competitors for imported cars, such as Volkswagen Sharan, in the price is still difficult with domestic models compared. Now you have to say to recommend joint MPV, there is Buick GL8, Honda and Honda Aili’s Odyssey, if the budget is more import, the identity of the TOYOTA previa and Nissan quest will be optional. Family oriented positioning and positioning of the Odyssey toward business models with sister Aili gentry and high recognition in the orthodox side door MPV market price is slightly lower than GL8 overall, from the three car sales, the old GL8 leader in sales, it is interesting Odyssey and Aili gentry sales have been steadily the increasing trend, smart Shanghai people naturally aware of this dynamic, so the new GL8 on the main business areas at the same time, is also looking to take care of the home, but unfortunately from the price point of view, does not seem to want to compromise on the price". [Honda] [Aili] the Honda odyssey of the new GL8 launched Avenir version).相关的主题文章: