Intelligent pilot evolved new Ford maverick car – listed Sohu-htc802w

Intelligent pilot evolved new Ford maverick listed Sohu in September 8th, Changan Ford’s intermediate SUV latest masterpiece — the new Ford maverick officially listed. The new car includes 1.5 liters of displacement EcoBoost models and a total of 2 liters of displacement EcoBoost models, including a total of 7 models for consumers to choose, the price range of $19.38 – $275 thousand and 800. Appearance: new design appearance, the appearance of the new maverick logo design Ford family type appearance, trapezoidal grille and headlights perfectly clear lines of large size solid fusion. L LED daytime driving lights all standard is not only the security configuration upgrade, more and more car identification. All models of standard LED taillights with new styling, with chrome trim complement each other new design, strengthen the three-dimensional sense of the tail. The new Ford maverick provides up to 9 kinds of body color, including the new increase of the brown and blue Canyon Han 2 new options for the whole system considerably. Interior: Comprehensive Optimization of interior, the new maverick interior from the details more fully optimized, with the new design concept to create using the most convenient experience. The new standard full electronic parking brake system, enhance the convenience of driving. The optimization of air conditioner panel makes the operation more convenient. The control panel area of storage space in the new Ford wing tiger rose from 6 to expand to 12 liters, the new design of the glove box volume up to 7.8 liters, which greatly improved the storage space and convenient use. The new three sports leather steering wheel is more dynamic than the previous four models, the operation is more comfortable, the integrated button design is more reasonable. Configuration: intelligent pilot new maverick in the configuration to intelligent technology as the main, to establish a new benchmark for domestic intermediate SUV market intelligence level. The new car is equipped with a new upgrade SYNC 3 car connection system, the operating interface is more intuitive, more convenient to use, while the SYNC 3 car connection system also supports CarPlay and AppLink, a comprehensive upgrade of technology. The security configuration, the new car to both sides of the early warning function, can be poured out from the parking guard sight blind area effectively. In addition, the new car is the standard LED high brake lights, a new generation of MyKey smart key, my tire pressure monitoring system, back door child safety locks, electric anti roll stability system, hill start assist, emergency brake assist system. Power: the release of passion in the power of new maverick used after the 2 liter EcoBoost engine and 1.5 liter EcoBoost turbocharged engine, the power output is still strong, collocation SelectShift 6 speed manual gearbox, the car to achieve better control performance and better fuel economy. In addition, the new car also comes standard with a manual shift paddles, make the car to paddle shifters in sport mode, enhance the driving pleasure. Although the market coincides with the new and old two generation Tiguan cut off, but the new maverick excellent appearance and dazzling intelligent configuration is impressive. I believe the new Ford maverick with intelligent technology new upgrade and a full range of standard technology configuration, potential.相关的主题文章: