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Iqiyi TV 3 hit the lowest price of 198 yuan – Sohu of science and technology in November 09, a small fruit together with Iqiyi to build the Iqiyi video TV. 3 officially released, and on the same day was held in Beijing on the theme "David and Goliath" product launches, to prove safety of TV boxes and smart TV industry, subversion of the existing living room entertainment industry the pattern, such as three thousand years ago in David and Goliath to pull the valley of the battle, to complete a "seemingly impossible victory". At present the product in Tmall, Jingdong and Iqiyi mall three platform has been opened and synchronous reservation booking, small fruit video co-founder Tan Tao scene said, since the TV has been listed fruit by the user’s attention and love, to the feedback and thank you, double platform 11.11 day for the user to prepare the biggest package. The conference also invited the vice president of Iqiyi, Mr. Xiong Wen arrived at the scene, the bear said, "if the TV content richness and interactive expression have greatly exceeded expectations, is very optimistic about the TV fruit products in the future," Xiong Wen herald the arrival of Iqiyi TV fruit this product will invest more resources to support the future of television fruit watch Iqiyi may get more personalized benefits, let us wait and see. Small fruit video Iqiyi VP CEO Mr. Tan Tao Mr. Xiong Wen the 3 TV fruit to natural and smooth round with Obsidian black version of the first episode, a common interpretation of the cool appearance is black technology. From the functional point of view, as a video aimed at heavy users of Internet TV box products, fruit 3 generation of products will keep apart from the mobile phone, iPad and other mobile devices in the video, music, pictures and other key projected onto the TV screen function, upgrade brings new intelligent hardware and software, to provide more smooth and beautiful video viewing experience for users. Content is king, a TV =N a TV box, and innovation to support Baidu SkyDrive as everyone knows, the content is not comprehensive TV boxes and smart TVs has always been the biggest weakness, makes many consumers in the purchase of TV boxes and smart TVs, still had to use mobile phone small screen to watch the video, to obtain the latest and most complete content. Has been in the video content, cross the minds of users and the TV Tower of Babel is fruit at the user pain point, another way to solve the biggest problem in the shadow user view, the content of the website breakthrough barriers, easy realization of large screen content want to see. Since it was windy box products market. The release of the television in the original fruit 3, support the market almost all the mainstream video screen APP a key vote, the Baidu SkyDrive revolutionary screen projection function into the arm, the SkyDrive collection of video full screen cast on the big screen to watch, to achieve a free sharing practice firm "development principle content is king". It is no exaggeration to say that when the traditional TV box manufacturers and Internet TV is the layout of the living room, the TV fruit 3 has embraced the content of the spring. On this basis, the TV fruit 3 from viewing the actual degree of comfort, add more user-friendly features – viewing process, the phone can act as a remote control, the user through the touch screen on the phone.相关的主题文章: